The Man Who Reached For God
Saturday, April 4th, 2015 2:55pm

This is a little story I wrote a few weeks back on Facebook that I wanted to now share on my blog.  It's not based on real events, but is meant as a parable to show what is possible if one will only reach for God, and obey Him with all their heart, soul and mind. ======================== ... View More

Heresy vs The Weaker Brother
Friday, April 3rd, 2015 2:19pm

One of the big power words used frequently in Christian circles of late has been the word "heresy".  Websters dictionary defines it as "a belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious (especially Christian) doctrine or an opinion profoundly at odds with what is generally accep ... View More

Be Diligent In All You Hear
Thursday, March 26th, 2015 12:26pm

This is just a simple reminder to all those of you who listen to online preachers, teachers, and expositors.  Or even your local pastors and elders.  God commands us to be diligent to verify everything we hear to see if it's true.  IE, to be Berean. Acts 17:11 (KJV) - "The ... View More

Concerning Disputations
Saturday, March 21st, 2015 11:01am

One of the biggest things I've seen rising up in the church of late is both disputations in general (ie, infighting over petty things) and about specific things like spiritual gifts.  For example, in regards to spiritual gifts some, like myself, claim that the bible says that no gift is for ... View More

Unity in Christ - A Must Have For Today's World
Saturday, March 14th, 2015 2:11pm

Romans 14 (KJV) - "Him that is weak in the faith receive ye, but not to doubtful disputations.  For one believeth that he may eat all things: another, who is weak, eateth herbs.  Let not him that eateth despise him that eateth not; and let not him which eateth not judge him that eatet ... View More

The Gifts of the Spirit
Friday, March 13th, 2015 4:01pm

One of the most talked about, and one of the most maligned, is the gifts of the Spirit, the gifts given to each new believer when they are saved.  The gifting varies between people and callings, and it grows or changes over time.  IE, some gifts are given for a time and a place, used brief ... View More

Are You A David Or A Solomon?
Friday, February 20th, 2015 3:07pm

A great man of God and a great prophet, no passed, one taught a lesson in which he compared the two main trees in the Garden of Eden.  One tree was the tree of knowledge.  From it would come eternal life.  The other was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  That tree broug ... View More

How To Fix Our Broken World
Tuesday, February 17th, 2015 8:57pm

One of the biggest problems I've been seeing of late, and it drives me nuts, is to see people saying this leader or that leader or some other leader will fix all our problems and we need to unseat Obama, or Castro or Putin or whoever and we'll solve all of our world's problems.  Or ... View More

The Lesson of Poverty
Monday, February 9th, 2015 12:57pm

Now, I'll say up front that I know some of you don't believe in prophetical dreams, and even fewer believe in "teaching" dreams, where God uses dreams to teach you a lesson while you sleep, the latter of which I love, as I learn some very interesting things about myself that I othe ... View More

The Cornerstone of Joy
Wednesday, February 4th, 2015 1:38pm

The JOY principle, a long standing acronym that describes the methods for living the Christian life in the simplest terms possible, namely Jesus First, Others Second and Yourself Last, has seen considerable use in the Christian world and with myself as well.  But what does it mean to follow the ... View More

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