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Lion on the Water Update!
Sat, 23 Dec 2017 22:14:30

Well, I have an interesting announcement. To avoid writing burnout I wandered over and began working on Lion on the Water (Land of the Lions Book 3) and gave it another edit this weekend. Well, much to my pleasure, after making this one pass I think it's nearly ready for publishing too. So I may just have two releases soon (OWC2 and LOTW), one of which is a rerelease. :) I don't expect my next edits of Lion and the Fire to go quite so well, but we'll see. I might tackle that anyways so I don't get burnout working on Offworld Chronicles. :)  And believe me, getting burned out on one particular series, especially if it's long, can pretty easily happen.

Anyhow, after that, as I get deeper into OWC, I might dive into my short story anthologies a bit and clean those up as well. Not sure what my plans are for upgrades and improvements to the Earthfleet saga, but we'll see. ^_^ I might end up just leaping over and working on one of my other pending works instead, as I've got a huge folder full of them. :D ;)

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