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Journey's End

Having conquered the Great Sea, Simon's team continues on their journey westward, through the Wendrock Mountains, and into the incredible dangers of the fifth hextant.  But these are not the kind of dangers that one might expect.  They are instead dangers of temptation, planted there to ensnare Simon and his team, and prevent them from continuing on.  Will they be able to overcome these temptations, or will that land successfully trap them there forever?  It's a struggle to the end, with freedom, victory, and a chance to return home to Earth awaiting them at the top of Black Mountain.

Series:   The Offworld Chronicles
Release Date:   December 2021
ISBN:   9781005374570 (ebook)
Price:   $2.99 (ebook), Print (TBA)
Genre:   Survival Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Size:   Ebook: 112,530 words, Print: TBA
Keywords:   scifi, angels, action, adventure, fantasy, race, demons, survival, dragons

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