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Dream: Packing to Leave Before The Storm
Thursday, February 17th, 2022 5:58pm
Keywords: Dream, God, Storm, Packing, Moving, Marching Orders

In this dream I'm outside with a friend of mine, and we see the skies are beginning to cloud up.  I instinctively know a storm is coming, so I tell him I have to go as I need to get packed and move before it rains.  So I go into my apartment and begin packing.  However, I'm a ... View More

A Lesson About Writing That Goes To The Heart
Wednesday, February 9th, 2022 9:26am
Keywords: Writing, Stories, Life Lesson, Joys, Sorrows, Story Telling, Second Chances

For anyone who has ever been a writer, I'm sure you're sufficiently aware of the joys and sorrows that come with the craft, the ups and downs, the problems, and the successes.  So I don't need to tell you about all of those.  What I do want to tell you about today is a lesson I ... View More

Dream: The Coming Storm
Thursday, February 3rd, 2022 4:14pm
Keywords: Dream, Storm, Preparation, Shelter, Testing, Trial, Judgment, Revival

In this dream I'm at my old house, and I notice that there's a LOT of other people there as well, and they're all watching something like a TV show, and are completely obvious to what's going on around them.  As they were doing this, I remember grabbing a ketchup bottles right f ... View More

A divine timeout from God
Wednesday, January 26th, 2022 12:43am
Keywords: Work, God Encounter, Break, Timeout, Project, Upgrades, Life Lesson

    If someone ever doubts that God moves in our lives in some fairly divine, and amazing ways, they're missing out on all the things God is doing in their life.  This includes protecting us from ourselves sometimes.  Case in point.  And I'll prefix this by sayi ... View More

Dream: Ducks, and Geese, and Chickens, Oh Mice!
Sunday, December 12th, 2021 3:21pm
Keywords: Dream, Ducks, Chickens, Geese, Mice, Chaos, Victory, Defeat

In this dream I'm standing in a farmyard next to the pen where we keep all the various birds we raise.  (Not in real life.  Only in my dreams as I have a dreamland farm.  Cool, huh?  hehe)  Inside this pen there are chickens, geese, and ducks.  No particular breeds, ... View More

Dream: Rotten Steaks in God's House
Friday, December 10th, 2021 11:44am
Keywords: Dream, Demons, Oppression, Victory, Relief, Healing

Hi everyone!!  I'm posting this dream, not because I feel it has a wider audience, but rather to provide you with context so you can pray for me.  This dream is specifically for me, with no wider context.  But, if you are to have any hope of praying with specificity to help me thr ... View More

Dream: The Room and the Shadow
Friday, December 10th, 2021 11:40am
Keywords: Dream, Demons, Oppression, Victory, Relief, Healing

This is an older dream, but one I wanted to post for context with another dream I had recently as I believe they're related.  So, since I haven't posted this before, here's the dream: The dream begins with me in my living room playing on my computer.  As I was doing this, th ... View More

Writing Update: Offworld Chronicles 7 and Status Report 2
Thursday, December 9th, 2021 11:03am
Keywords: Books, Writing, Updates, Ideas, Schedule, Planning, Progress Report

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let everyone know that I've decided to push out my Offworld Chronicles book 7 today, a full 6 weeks ahead of my hard publish date of February 1st.  That date was set both as a motivation, and sort of a hard cot off date for releasing the book.  IE, if it ... View More

Dream: Jesus And The Three Checkpoints
Saturday, November 27th, 2021 1:19pm
Keywords: Dream, Jesus, Checkpoints, Job, Assignments, Stations, Missions, Ministry

This is an older dream I had from way back in 2014-2015 that I think is just starting to become relevant now, and is directly connected with my popcorn dream from earlier this year.  Most especially the 3rd part of the dream.  And while this is focused on me, and what God has planned for m ... View More

Dream: The Rodent Infestation
Monday, November 22nd, 2021 3:04pm
Keywords: Dream, Mice, Rats, Rodents, Infestation, Apathy, Warning

I had a dream today, which was somewhat brief, but I remember walking in the back entrance of the old church I went to while growing up.  As I walked in, I noticed that the place was full of mice, rats and rodents of various sizes.  Some had young babies, some not.  Upon walking in on ... View More

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