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Dream: Campus Apartment
Sunday, November 27th, 2022 2:57pm
Keywords: Dream, Apartment, Campus, College, Dorms, School, Ministry

The dream beings with me walking through a college campus (no particular one, just "a campus") and taking in the area.  I soon come to this sort of general assembly building where people of all races, creeds, religions, etc (ie, Muslim, European, South American, etc) all gather together, are learning, sharing, talking, meeting, etc.  All around this building are big dorms.  However, the dorms appear to be divided up by race, creed, religion, etc.  I soon head over to one that is apparently for Christians.  Entering I go to my "dorm" room, which is just my current apartment, but on the second floor.  However, instead of entering I throw open the front door and stand across from it in the hallway.

As an item of note, the hallway was very brightly lit, and the building itself, on the outside, seemed to glow.  The others did not.  Just ours.  Inside my apartment, as I'm viewing it across the hallway, I see what looks like this grayness.  IE, it's day, and light is coming in, but the blinds are shut, and the lights are off, giving it a dimly lit appearance.  Nothing scary, just poorly lit.  As I'm looking in, four fellow "students" come down the hallway from their dorm towards me.  I remember that all four (two guys, two girls) of them glowed too, very brightly.  Not blindingly, but definitely to a level that made them stand out.  As they pass in front of me, I was made to know they were just about to leave on a missions trip.

I assume it was to the other "dorms", but I'm not sure as the destination was never actually given to me.  Anyhow, as they're passing by, one of the guys reaches over and tries to pull my apartment door shut.  I reply, "No, no, no, don't do that.  That's my apartment, so it's fine.  I'm keeping an eye on it."  He then lets the door swing open again, looking a little disappointed that he couldn't close the door, and then the four of them head out as I stay there in the hallway keeping an eye on my apartment.  The dream ends there.


Side Note: I think that this dream is somehow connected to, and sorta reaffirms my new apartment dream.  I say that because I just recently got that one interpreted and, upon hearing what it meant, suddenly this one came into focus as it's a bit plainer than the first dream, and seems to confirm what was revealed in the first dream.  Namely that the apartment is talking about my spiritual life, and that God is wanting to take me to a new level, to a bigger spiritual life, but I'm having trouble letting go of the current one that's sorta dim and dark compared to what God has in store for me, and wants to bring me into.

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