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Dream: Two House Cleanings
Tuesday, February 28th, 2023 5:27pm
Keywords: Dream, House, Kitchen, Cleaning, Organizing, Disposing, Sorting, Restoring

Note: This is actually two dreams together as one as they have a common theme.


    In dream one there's a lady who lives in Alaska, in the wilds.  She leaves her cabin in the depth of winter, and comes to my dad's house to stay for a while.  I ask her about her house, and she reveals that she just abandoned it with no intention to come back anytime soon.  At least not for several weeks.  Knowing it was winter I asked about heat in the house, and she was very dismissive about this, and didn't seem to care that, if the house froze, it'd do a lot of damage.  IE, busted pipes, ruined food, etc.  Upon hearing this, I went to her cabin and found that the fire had gone out, and the house was chilly, but not super cold.  I also find the house is a total mess.

    Clean and dirty clothes are strewn everywhere, dishes were left undone and piled in the sink, trash was on the floor, food was left out everywhere, and really nothing at all was taken care of.    Wanting to warm up the house, I realize that, if I try to start up the fireplace, I could easily burn down the house due to all the stuff just strewn everywhere.  So I set about cleaning the place. first  I put away the clothes, did the dishes, cleaned up the trash, etc, and made the place really nice.  Praying Medic then came in and built the lady a new kitchen table (a really nice, but simple one) to replace her old rickety one.  He also helped with some repairs to the structure, and then left.  After this I found her furnace, which was this hybrid fuel stove (it could burn either wood or used oil), and after some tinkering with it, I figured out how to get it lit and got the place warmed up.


    Dream two I'm in my old house, in the kitchen, and it's a bit of a mess.  Stuff left on the counters, dirty dishes, etc.  My sister encourages me to start by cleaning the cupboard first.  I open that up, and in one section was completely mismatched dishes, pots and lids, plates, etc with zero organization to it.  So we pulled everything out, organized it, and then put it back.  In the next section was food.  The problem was, most of it was expired, rotten, etc.  I found several bags of whipped cream in there, but they were green, and nasty and discolored.  One even said it'd come from the Windows Department (I work as a server admin on the Linux side, but I'm big friends with the Windows guys) and my first thought was, "Yep, that's gotta go," as anything from the Windows department would be pre-March 2020 as we've been work from home since that time.

    Along the way I remember my sister wanting to eat some of these spoiled and expired foods, and I'm like, "Oh no you don't!  They're all spoiled!  I can't let you eat those!" and would throw them away.  She then found cookies, cakes, and other treats that had clearly been out on the table WAY, WAY too long and should've been trashed, yet she tried to eat them, which I did my best to prevent her from doing so she wouldn't get sick.  Eventually we turned and cleaned up the dirty dishes in the sink, followed by putting back good food, and the newly clean dishes into the cabinets.


    Anyhow, that's the two dreams.  Both seem to have a common theme of cleaning and getting rid of dross and filth, rotten things, disorder, repair, etc.  If you have any thoughts on these two, please let me know.  Thanks.

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