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Dream: The Headless Woman
Thursday, February 16th, 2023 11:36am
Keywords: Dream, Demons, Rebuke, Spiritual Warfare, Fight, Battle, Casting Out, Deliverance

I was sitting here today thinking about some things God discussed with me this morning during prayer time, and I realized that, for some reason, I've never posted this dream before, even though I first had it back in December of 2016 while I was still taking care of my mom.  That's probably because of how straight up creepy the dream is.  It definitely wasn't an enjoyable one, which is likely why it never got put up here, as it's one of those types of dreams you prefer to forget.  However, in hindsight, I think it's still a very important dream that I need to share with all of you, so here's the dream.

The Headless Woman

The dream began with me sitting at my desk going over some things from earlier in the day. As I was sitting there I hear what sounded like squirming in the other room, like mom was being restless in her bed. This is a sound I'm quite familiar with hearing each night. However, on that particular night mom was away being treated at the hospital. So I was thinking to myself, "Who is that? Mom's not here!" Again I hear the noise. So after a bit I finally decide to investigate. As I got up I reached for the small LED flashlight I keep next to my bed. However, it wouldn't turn on (switch broke), so I threw it away and grabbed one of my big boomers (1300lumen LED light) and turned it on.

But instead of flooding the room with light, it instead only gave out a dim, very weak light, almost as though it were set on low. So I played with the switch trying to turn it up higher, but found that I couldn't. So I decided to just go with what I had and investigate the noises. I crossed the hallway, past the bathroom, and into mom's room. But just as I turned the corner to see what was there, out of the darkness steps this really creepy headless woman. I mean, we're talking horror movie level creepy. And even though she had no head I felt as though she were giving me a really dark, evil smile. She then began to moan and laugh at me sorta demoniacally. Totally creeped me out.

But then it got worse. She suddenly stepped towards me, her arms extended in front of her as though she wanted to hurt me. As she did I instinctively grabbed her arms to protect myself. But as I held her arms I became enveloped in something that I would probably best describe as a cloud or fog of dark, evil, oppressive energy. It immediately rendered me silent and I could hardly breath, move or talk. It was like my mouth was glued shut or something. So I began doing my best to rebuke the demon in the name of Jesus saying, "I rebuke you demon in the name of Jesus Christ!" But it came out garbled and unintelligible at first, even though my thoughts were clear. Even so I couldn't get the words out at first.

But I kept rebuking the demon and slowly getting more and more of the words out until I was eventually able to say everything, including the name of Jesus, albeit a bit muttered. As I continued to do this the demon began to grow weaker and weaker, it's power slowly draining away, which in turn allowed me to more strongly rebuke it each time until I could say that sentence clearly and with proper enunciation. The demon eventually gave up and left. At that point I woke up.


I see this dream as a spiritual warfare dream, and an attack by demons at a very delicate time in my life when I was under a lot of stress and pressure as my mom's illness was slowly approaching its end, and her death was imminent.  So I was very spiritually wounded, and weakened at the time, which I think the demon tried to take advantage of to destroy me.  But, thanks to God I was able to prevail.  Even so, it was a very terrifying dream.

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