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Dream: The Revival Counter
Saturday, February 18th, 2023 5:37pm
Keywords: Dream, Revival, Counter, Salvation

The dream began with me walking into what looked like an old Anglican church while they were having a revival. There was lots of love, prayer, singing, a beautiful move of the Holy Spirit, peace, etc. People by the dozens were coming up to the front and getting saved. As they were, I saw appear, above their heads, what looked like a wire frame version of the old map globes like we had in school, with the equator highlighted, and the rest kinda grayed out. Along the equator, I saw numbers appearing, one above, and one below, sorta like this:


For each person, the upper and lower numbers were a little different. But one was always a + number, and the other a - number. Also, some would have the + on top, and the - on the bottom, and for others it would be the other way around, and sometimes the minus number was bigger than the plus, and sometimes it wasn't. I saw a lot of 1's through 5's, but I don't remember anything higher on either number.  The dream ends there.


Anyone got any ideas on this?  It's got me stumped.

EDIT: SOLVED IT! :)  God gave me the solution to this today while reading news, and listening to a vision given to Dutch Sheets.  Okay, so here's the answer.  For the people getting saved, each one had a wire frame globe over their heads with the equator being emphasized strongly.  To me that indicates locations, or places.  The fact that it was a grayed out wire frame seems to say that the locations themselves don't matter.  Just the fact that it's representing that.  The equator creates a clear division between the two halves, upper and lower, north and south.  Normally, in dream, and real life, north means good, south means bad.  In this case I think it represents God and Satan.

The numbers, in turn, represent places.  How so?  Well, here's how I think this plays out.  Each person kneeling down at the alter represents one of the waves that will be happening in this coming revival.  That idea has been reinforced by a lot of other people that this will happen in waves.  Since this is a spiritual battle, I don't find that the least bit surprising as even normal combat has its ebbs and flows.  So this revival having the same is not at all surprising.  So what about the numbers?  What do those mean?  Net gains and losses of locations in this battle.

Take Asbury for example.  It recently kicked off an 11 day revival that was finally shut down by administrators.  But, in the time it was running other colleges joined in.  Now, let's look at the first example number I gave.  +3 vs -2.  The numbers were always a + paired with a -, but never a ++ or a --.  I have the strong feeling that represents net gains and losses.  In the case of the +3 vs -2, with the 3 being in the northern hemisphere, that was a net gain of 3 locations for God, and a net loss of 2 for Satan.  IE, strongholds that Satan once held that have fallen in this revival and been lost, whereas God gained several locations.  Stanford is one of those, for example.

In cases where it was -1 vs +4, God may have gained locations, but ended with a net loss of 1 total while Satan gained, or recovered a net total of 4.  Again, nothing shocking, but rather a nod to the normal ebb and flow of warfare.  And, while I didn't see all the numbers, I did see a pattern towards the positive for God with more +'s over -'s overall.  Think of it like the Battle of the Bulge in WW2.  Germany had a brief period of wins, but ultimately lost.  The battle in North Africa is another great example of this.  Rommel had lots and lots of wins, but ultimately lost North Africa.

I really feel that this was what I was seeing with these numbers, and is a nod towards what I'm seeing now with this outbreak of revival in the schools.  Anyhow, that's the explanation I came up with, via the clues that God gave me, and I think it's pretty accurate. :)  Ie, sort of an overview of what's presently happening, rather than what's still yet to happen.  Although there's probably some "still to happen" mixed in there as I'm pretty sure that part of what I saw hasn't happened yet. ;)

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