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Dream: The New Apartment
Sunday, November 13th, 2022 6:57pm
Keywords: Dream, New Apartment, Change of Home, New Venue, New Ministry

The dream begins with me looking for a new place to live.  As I'm doing this I run across a guy with a place for rent.  We talk briefly, and he agrees to let me trial the place as I'm not sure if I want to move yet or not, as my current place, although small, is sufficient for my needs.  He briefly introduces me to the place, and then gives me 3 sets of keys, two keys in each set, one each for the front door, and one for the mailbox.  Duplicates, basically, of the necessary keys.

So I go in and begin looking around.  To my surprise, the place is very large and luxurious, and 3 floors in total.  On the top floor is the bedroom, an office, and the bathroom.  It also has a really nice balcony I can go out on and sit.  On the main floor is the kitchen, bathroom and living room.  The basement has the laundry room, storage, and what looks like a small workshop.  The front door opens out to a patio with loungers and table, and overlooks a private road.  My only complaint about the place was that it was in the city near a very busy highway.

You can't tell this when you're inside, but it's quite obvious on the outside.  I then checked the mail and found the previous resident's mail, which looked like packages of shop parts, fasteners, etc.  I set those aside to give to the landlord.  I then discover that the apartment is actually part of a duplex, and there is a single guy living in the adjoining apartment who seemed nice enough.  The part that intrigued me was that, despite still having my current apartment, and only being at the new apartment to trial it, I felt VERY at peace about being there.

In fact, I almost forgot I had the other apartment, and was ready to just settle down right here, and immediately move in, even though I kept reminding myself that this was only a trial, and I hadn't decided yet, nor did I feel like I should sign the rental agreement right away, or commit to this place without a LOT of forethought, even though the place was super nice.  It was also hugely spacious compared to my current place.  Amazingly, after only a few nights there, I fell in love with the place so much that I wanted to move in immediately, and permanently.

But, despite feeling entirely at peace about this place, I was still super cautious as though I didn't want to risk committing to the move, only to get burned later on, and lose what I had at the old place (safety and comfort) even though it was significantly smaller.  (The new place was easily 3x bigger than the old one)  The dream ends there.


My Thoughts:

My initial assessment of this dream is that it's either 1) God telling me that I'm about to change ministries from the little one(s) I'm in now into something bigger with everything I've been wanting, or 2) it might be me actually changing my current venue/apartment/home, which I've been wanting to do for some time, but wasn't allowed to up to this point.  Either one of those is possible as this dream apartment is quite literally a dream apartment for me. ^_^ 

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