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Dream: The Darkness Demon
Tuesday, January 17th, 2023 7:28pm
Keywords: Dream, Demon, Oppression, Casting Out, Deliverance

Preamble: As a bit of background, just before this dream happened, I had recently come under some pretty heavy demonic oppression. That's been an ongoing thing for me. But in this case it was especially rough, and the demon had attacked me and shut me down hard. I had no energy, was really depressed, couldn't pray, etc. In the midst of this attack I decided to go lay down and take a nap. That's where this begins.

The Dream: In the dream I was roll playing as one of the very powerful super hero characters that comes from the wider writing universe that I draw much of my novels and other stories from. As I'm doing this, I found myself in the middle of a group of east coast native Americans (not sure the tribe, just that's who they were) and was doing some kinda sheriff type stuff. The timeframe was probably early colonial period. Anyhow, as I'm doing this, a man was brought to me who appeared to be covered in a black, oily cloud that made him look dark and sinister, and just straight up evil. I was then made to understand that he was demon possessed. Deciding that I was having none of that, since he was breaking the peace and order of the village, I slammed him against a wall, looked him straight in the eyes, and said, "In the name of the Lord God Almighty, I command you to come out of him!" Being that this was a dream I didn't expect much.

However, the second I finished that sentence, I kid you not, a demon popped out of the man like a champagne cork and immediately retreated to my left. I turned and looked at him in surprise like, "Where did you come from!?" as though he shouldn't have been there. The demon gave me a look of shock and fear, like he was a bit surprised himself that he was there (ie, shocked at having been cast out) and soon double timed it out of the area. I then looked back at the guy I was holding against the wall, whom I had spoken the words to, and found him to now be completely normal, sorta Caucasian skinned, and not only no longer possessed, but also in his right mind. I also felt an incredible peace surrounding me that hadn't been there before. I then woke up to find that the same thing was true in waking life. The demon that had been oppressing me was gone, and there was no trace of him anymore anywhere to be found. I was now free of that terrible experience.

And this wasn't me finally getting some much needed rest and feeling better. This oppression had been going on several days, and no amount of sleep was fixing that. But, the moment I cast out that demon, all of that oppression lifted and I felt rested, amazingly well, happy, and more.

Footnote:  For those who are interested, a summary of this dream was featured on Elijah Streams anonymously via a recent interview with Dave Hayes (Praying Medic).  You can watch that here if you'd like.  Just fast forward to 13:50m to see the testimony.  It's about 90sec long.  If you listen for another 2 minutes, they talk about another gentleman who could probably use your prayers, so keep going if you're willing to pray for that gentleman too.

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