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Writing Update: December 2022
Friday, December 16th, 2022 12:25am
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Hey again, everyone!  I figure it's time for another writing update in case any of you were interested.  Namely, I'm writing this post to announce that I've now completed the initial rough draft for book 3, which is called "The Rise of Offworld".  For those wondering what these are about, they're a followup trilogy to "The Offworld Chronicles" that closes out the story started in the original 7 book series, and tides up all the lose ends I wasn't able to close out in the original series without ruining it.  That being said, I think that these three books, which not only tidy up the original story, but also add some extra depth to it, will be well worth the read when they eventually come out.  Now, for those who are curious, here's a short summary of what each one entails.

Book 1 - Homecoming - This one covers the return of Simon and his team, and closes out the story of Simon, Aria, Trevor, Birash, Alex and Yurg, and even explains a bit of how they got to Offworld, why they were there (beyond what was already revealed in the original series), and also covers their lives back on Earth after their return, including marriage, starting families, and more.

Book 2 - The Weyrs of Offworld - This book covers the events that transpire on Offworld, after the winning of the race, from the perspective of the dragons, and closes out the story of Zek, while expanding on other reader favorites such as Garloond, Maggy, and even Fallon.  There is also the introduction of a new character who leads Fallon to a place of redemption and healing.  It'll be well worth the read.

Book 3 - The Rise of Offworld - This final book covers the events of Offworld that transpire after the completion of the race, and does so from the perspective of the humans, and others on the planet, who were left behind at its completion.  This includes Simon's horses, the Wolves of Ratinar, many of the humans that you met along the way in the original series, and more.  Not everyone is covered, but most are.  You also get to watch Offworld grow, and transform from an enslaved planet into one of great freedom.

That's the basic gist of the books, and a lot of great things happen in them, including many of your favorite characters getting their happy endings that you've all wanted them to have.  Anyhow, that's the end of this update.  As for when they will be released, that will depend on a LOT of things.  But, as for a general date, book 1 should be released sometime around May 2023, or sooner if the manuscript reaches a state I think would qualify as final draft.  However, you all will be notified if that happens.  If not, then plan for May.  Anyhow, I really hope you all like these three books, and please, as always, let me know what you think of them after they're finally released.  Thanks.

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