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Dream: The Wounded and Healed Hand
Thursday, January 19th, 2023 1:52am
Keywords: Dream, Healing, Injury, Ministry, Future, Blessing, Prophecy

The dream begins with me walking around our housing park like I normally do.  As I'm doing this I'm talking with God, as is my custom, and spending time with Him.  As I round the home stretch towards my apartment building, I happen to raise my left hand and immediately noticed that my left middle finger is this horrible, mangled, butchered mess.  It looks like someone took a hammer to it.  Broken bones, blood, compound fractures, etc.  My first thought was surprise, as it didn't hurt.  But man was it a mess.  My next thought was, "I better get that amputated before it becomes a problem," as it looked infected and in really bad shape.

So I keep walking back to my apartment, walked inside, sat down at my desk, and raised my left hand again to examine it.  To my surprise, not only is the damaged finger whole, I can't even see that it's ever been hurt, ever, so perfect was the healing.  And I didn't even ask for that healing.  It just showed up on its own when I wasn't looking.  I remember immediately bowing and not only thanking God profusely for this healing, but also praising Him for doing it, and for performing it despite my not asking.


I believe this might be an analogy to my current situation, and what's coming up in the near future for me in regards to my ministry work for God as I see my walk around the park being representative of my life, and the wounds I've taken, and to very important parts, and grievous wounds at that.  (ref: My job requires a LOT of typing, so a wound like that smashed finger would really hinder me)  The desk seems like it represents the work that God still has for me.  The fact that He waited until I sat down before He healed me (although it could've been sooner, as I didn't check again until I'd sat down) seems to indicate that He WILL heal me of all my wounds (physical, spiritual, emotional, etc) right before I start doing the ministry work He's promised to send me on. 

That seems to be the message that I'm getting from that.  It also fits well with the fact that my current health issues would make doing full time ministry difficult as I struggle enough as it is doing just regular 9-5 work.  It doesn't mean I'm unable to do my work.  It just means I struggle more than I should just to do what I'm doing.  I still make it happen, by the grace of God.  It's just more difficult than it needs to be.  Anyhow, that's the dream.

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