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Dream: Mom and the Homestead
Wednesday, February 22nd, 2023 3:14pm
Keywords: Dream, House, Mom, Belongings, Old Homestead, Friends

The dream begins with me at a grocery store. I'm shopping for a few things I need, as as I'm walking around I run into mom. But this is mom back when she had dementia. She was acting really squirrely and needed help. However, before I could step in, a caretaker appeared, a lady who was looking after her, and said, "Don't worry about your mom. We're taking good care of her." I then saw two others appear who were helping take care of her. I soon checked out and walked to the parking lot, with mom and her caretakers following me. I could see that she was being a handful for them, but they insisted that they had it under control, so I let them be.

I then went across town to my old, childhood home. However, it looked different than the ranch house I grew up in. This house looked like a small mansion. Going inside I went into the basement office and found my old computer gear. And when I say old, I mean OLD. There was two VCR's, with tapes, a PC with an old CDrom drive, and a lot of mid 90's vintage computer hardware. I then went upstairs, and ran into a missionary friend of mine who was dressed like a butler. I was made to understand that he was the caretaker of the mansion, and that a wonderful lady named Glass was the new owner, as my old childhood home was no longer mine.

Hearing this I was pleased. I was then told that, since the house no longer belonged to me, I was to leave. However, the computer hardware was mine, so I was allowed to take it. I then went back downstairs to try and determine how to pack it up to take with me. The dream ends there.

Footnote: The lady named "Glass" is a character from a Manga I read periodically.  She's really nice, kinda quiet, but one who will defend her friends with all her strength.

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