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Dream: The Storm, the Flood and the Apartment
Friday, November 18th, 2022 4:12am
Keywords: Dream, Apartment, Heavy Rain, Floods, Storms

In this dream I'm in my apartment working on my computer doing some personal things such as writing, etc.  I eventually decide to take a break and walk around a bit.  So I walk over to a window that looks out over the back of the apartment where there's a large gas station that almost looks like a fueling depot.  I then go across the room to another window, and look out to see a wide, tree filled, suburban cityscape.  Shortly after this a storm hits, and it's a doozy.  It acts like a hurricane, complete with huge amounts of torential rain.

I then go back to the first window and notice that the gas station is now shut down, no power, pumps off, and entry into it is blocked by a row of cars to prevent people from getting in as it's now too dangerous to be there because the water is rising so high that the gas station is about to flood.  I then return to the other window and find the suburban landscape that I saw before now covered in flood waters so high that all you can see is the very tops of the trees.

The flood even comes right up to the parking lot of our complex, and partially enters it, but never the building.  I then look to my right and see that, the only reason we're not flooding is because the flood waters in front of the complex are being drained off by a large culvert nearby.  Just then I notice that the window on this side of the apartment is open for fresh air, and some of the rain is getting in, but only a light mist.  So I close the window, even though I'm at no risk of the rain soaking my carpet.

I then look back into my apartment and realize that, while nobody else (that I can see) still has power, I do.  My internet is working too, meaning I can keep working if I want.  I jokingly think about calling into work, as nobody else is likely to have power, so I could easily get away with doing so if I wanted to.  However, I don't, as I know that's dishonest.  So I just toss aside that thought and go back to the computer.  The dream ends there.

Small Note: This is the 3rd dream now where I've had a window open when the storm hits, and a small amount of rain water enters the tent/building I'm in before I discover this and close the window.  Also, on the first two I actually felt the rain hit me.  On the third I just happened to notice it coming in as I was standing to the side and didn't have any of it hitting me.  I don't know what significance that has, but it seems important.

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