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A Dream of Revelation November 27th, 2019
Dream: A Periscope on Life August 12th, 2023
Dream: Campus Apartment November 27th, 2022
Dream: Captivity and Warfare May 16th, 2021
Dream: Ducks, and Geese, and Chickens, Oh Mice! December 12th, 2021
Dream: Jesus and the Holodeck April 21st, 2021
Dream: Jesus And The Three Checkpoints November 27th, 2021
Dream: Mom and the Homestead February 22nd, 2023
Dream: Packing to Leave Before The Storm February 17th, 2022
Dream: Porches and Houses and Trailers, Oh My! June 17th, 2021
Dream: Rotten Steaks in God's House December 10th, 2021
Dream: The Castle of the Despot September 14th, 2023
Dream: The Cat Shop March 13th, 2022
Dream: The Coming Storm February 3rd, 2022
Dream: The Concert and the Kitten March 25th, 2023
Dream: The Cotton and Wheat Harvests October 13th, 2021
Dream: The Darkness Demon January 17th, 2023
Dream: The Decaying, Abandoned House April 1st, 2021
Dream: The Failed Rocket Launch November 15th, 2021
Dream: The Festival Bandit November 6th, 2020

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