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April 2024 Writing Update April 4th, 2024
February 2024 Writing Update February 12th, 2024
Latest Updates for July 2023 July 14th, 2023
Latest Writing Update - October 2023 October 19th, 2023
Lion and the Fire is back up for sale! July 27th, 2018
May 2024 Writing Update May 8th, 2024
Reactivating Patreon (updated!) November 30th, 2023
Site Update: Books, Facebook, Gallery and More! April 11th, 2019
The Wiki is now online May 26th, 2019
Writing Update - January 2024 January 15th, 2024
Writing Update for December 2023 (part 1?) December 6th, 2023
Writing Update: May Update May 8th, 2023
Writing Update: State of the Pen for April 2023 April 27th, 2023
Yes, I'm still alive March 9th, 2020

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