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Writing Update: May Update
Monday, May 8th, 2023 2:09pm
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I'm just throwing out a quick writing update to everyone to give you some great news.  I just recently finished a major update of my Writing Wiki, done with the purpose of improving the look, and feel, as well as character and technical details of the various entries logged there.  For those of you who don't know, before the update, there were 805 entries in the wiki.  Yeah, that's a LOT. lol.  That covers all the major and minor important items in all three writing universes (Earthfleet, Offworld, and Land of the Lions) as well as my stand along books.  Now some might say, "So why is this important?"  That wiki is important because those are my character and and world notes, information, and other things for all the elements in my stories.  Without the wiki, given how much I need to remember for each universe, it'd really hinder any future works.

Now, that being said, I do want to add one disclaimer, and I even include this on the front of the wiki now so that everyone knows, while the wiki is indeed public, and you're welcome to read and research everything on there, do note that, other than the book covers, and a few selected items that I have denoted as belonging to me under my copyrights, the other images are all collected from the internet, and are only there to 1) provide you an idea of how I view the characters and technology (these are done as a "closest approximation" of the real object, as no image I have on the wiki is a perfect match for how I see it in my head, so I just get them as near to the actual character/tech/item as I possibly can), while also providing reference images for me to use when I'm writing to keep the characters as close to accurate, and consistent, as I can.

So I like to put that disclaimer out there so people won't lose their shorts if they see something on there they know belongs to someone else.  As I said, the wiki is primarily for my use (although you may use it too), and a visual reference tool for myself while writing to ensure story consistency.  That being said, I have to updates for you in regards to the stories I'm working on.

1.  The stand alone novel, "The Delta Riders", is starting to gain some good traction in my mind.  I still don't have the broader story.  However, I have most of the main characters already worked out, the main ship of the story, the opening and ending (ie, the final battle and conclusion), and some cute and funny, exciting, scary, and generally thrilling snippets in the middle.  Once I can start pulling them together, and see the larger picture, I'll be able to start on that one in the near future.

2.  Earth Fleet: Beginnings is another novel I'm working on, and which has recently gained a bunch of traction in my mind with the addition of the Stellar Class, the Titan Class, and several other ships, plus a bit of back history on the origins of Earthfleet, the early adventures of the Society Space Corps (which eventually became "Earthfleet"), and the later adventures of Captain Edmond and his team.  This one has a clear timeline to it now, and a foundation/structure on which to write.  The only thing holding this one back is a final destination (ie, the story climax and resolution), and the fact I have at least 3 other books ahead of it.  But, I will be working on it as soon as I can.  And, with the framework of the story already built, once I get the story resolution/ending, it'll be ready to go forward.

Anyhow, that's my update.  I still have to finish up and publish the three books of "After Offworld" and get those out.  However, I have some other things I have to sort out first.  Once those are resolved, I will get to work on those, and will have them out in the wild as soon as I possibly can.  Trust me, all three are great stories, and you will really enjoy them.  So they will be totally worth the wait.  Anyhow, that's my update.  Stay tuned, everyone, because there's some great stuff coming soon! :)

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