Author Steven Lake

Dream: The Village Thunderstorm
Friday, July 28th, 2023 11:56am
Keywords: Dream, Village, Storm, Rain, Trials, Tribulations, Spiritual Warfare

In this dream I'm in this small community, a little village of sorts, deep in the woods.  As I'm standing there talking with the other villagers, sharing things, and just having fun, I realize that I'm next to this pole barn that is the local church building.  As I'm thinking about this, God sorta fades the side of the building briefly so I can see that it's full of Christians having service, worshiping, praising, etc.  Suddenly we get this alert that a storm is coming that shows up almost immediately, and wow, is it a beast.  Lightning, thunder, hail, and really crazy strong winds that were almost hurricane force.

Because of this I seek shelter in the church building, and then quickly realize that, if I don't hold the door closed, the wind will get inside and destroy the building and bring it down on top of all the believers gathered there, killing everyone inside.  So I brace myself against the door as the winds beat hard against it.  I find myself barely able to keep it closed as wind is leaking around the door and coming into the building.  Realizing I may not be able to hold this door shut much longer, I tell the others in the building to pray to God that He would protect them or they're gonna die.

So they did.  As they're praying, the storm got worse and the door bent over and was pressed down on me so hard by the wind that it was crushing the life out of me, and I was slowly losing consciousness because of this, causing my world to start fading to black.  At this point I'm thinking that I'm going to die trying to protect my brothers and sisters in Christ.  So, as everything slowly goes black my thoughts turn to Jesus and I think, "If this is the end, what will my first moments in Heaven be like?"  I even kinda picture what that might be like, and get excited about it.  However, before I reach the point of dying, the winds abate, and I come back to consciousness.

To say that I'm bummed that I didn't get to meet Jesus face to face, even just for a few moments, is an understatement. ^_^;;  I was so ready to go home at that moment that having to come back here was heartbreaking.  Anyhow, with the winds now gone, and the storm over, I took stock of the building.  To my surprise, everything had returned to the way it was before the storm, with the church members praying, and praising, singing, and worshiping, and the pole barn we were in was completely untouched.  Even the door I'd tried to hold shut had gone back to its previous state.

I then walked outside and noticed that, despite the ferocity of the storm, not a leaf was missing from any of the trees, none of our cars were unhurt, nor were any of the other villagers, or their homes, buildings, possessions, etc.  It was as though there had been no storm at all, save for the still jet black skies.  And despite the darkness above us, the village was well lit, as though it were mid day.

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