Author Steven Lake

Dream: The Healing Revelation
Friday, July 28th, 2023 11:58am
Keywords: Dream, Healing, Spiritual Warfare

In this dream I'm walking out of my apartment towards my car in the parking lot. As I'm doing this, I'm thinking about all my infirmities, and how I want to be healed. Just as I reach the street, I hear a voice behind me say, "You are already healed. Just believe you are healed, accept your healing, and thank God for it." I then remember looking up at the sky. When I first stepped outside, the sky was gray and overcast. After hearing this I saw the sky become dark, like it was about to storm.

As I'm grappling with the revelation that I'm healed, and that all I need to do to complete that blessing is to accept it, believe it's come to pass, and thank God for it, even though I don't see it, a powerful storm breaks out, with lightning, strong winds, and powerful rain. IE, it was just a really nasty severe storm. As this hits, I sought cover in one of the nearby parking garages and shelter there as the storm rages outside while still trying to grasp the revelation that I'm healed, despite not seeing any evidence of it yet.

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