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God Speaking Through Memes
Tuesday, July 18th, 2023 7:49am
Keywords: God, Preaching, Teaching, Encouragement, Speaking, Healing, Answered Prayer

I have a funny God encounter from this morning that I wanted to share.  I was praying again about my eyes, while doing my morning time with the Lord, and in a moment of depression and defeat, I decided to start scrolling through one of my favorite meme groups as a way to distract myself from how I was feeling, while still praying and spending time with God.  So where does my God encounter I mentioned come into the picture?  God put the memes together on the page in such way that He spoke to me through them, and encouraged me in doing so.  Anyhow, here's how it played out.

Me: God, when are You going to heal me? I'm tired of waiting! I want this crazy to be over with, and I want my full healing!
Meme: When it's not in God's time, you can't force it. When it is God's time, you can't stop it.

Me: But God, I've been praying to You every day, many times a day, why aren't You healing me?
Meme: When you pray, God listens. When you believe, God works. (this goes along with a dream I had recently)

I then scrolled down a bit further, not actually asking anymore questions, just scrolling out of curiosity, given the previous two memes, and the next one on the page said, "Keep the faith," followed by "The battle belongs to the Lord.". Now you tell me God wasn't preaching to me in memes this morning!  I mean, it's definitely a unique way to talk to me, but also one I listened to! :D

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