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Dream: The Information Blackout
Saturday, June 17th, 2023 1:28pm
Keywords: Dream, Prophecy, Upcoming, Outage, Blackout, Information

The dream began with me in the basement of my old house with some of the guys from work, and we were clocked in doing phones, tickets, etc, when all of a sudden the internet goes dead.  I then hear the other guys all groan at the same time, so I ask them what happened, and they told me the internet is down.  So I'm like, "Ah, so it's down for you too, eh?"  They all nodded.  Just then one of our landlord ladies comes in and she's holding her phone with a look of disappointment and she asks, "Is the phones down for you guys too?"  So all of us check our phones, and yep, everyone's is down.  I then try making a call, but I get a rejection message like my phone or account was turned off.  I also noticed on the face of the phone it had like this EBS message, but the letters were "ESG" instead. (I suspect this was a hint to "WHO" had caused the outage, not the outage itself)

I then shouted with joy, and said, "YES!  It's finally happening!" and they're all confused by this, and ask "What are you so happy about?" and I replied, "I knew this was coming, and it's finally here, which means something good is about to happen!"  After that I wanted to call my dad REALLY badly to let him know it was happening, and talk about this, but I then realized that I had no way to because the phones were down, and I didn't have a walkie talkie with enough range to reach his house.

Anyhow, that's the dream.  To me it sounds like its God's way of confirming that the predicted information blackout is coming, and soon.  Kinda like, "You've been waiting for this, and what it'll bring, for a while, and now that's almost here." 😄

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