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Dream: The School Shooting and the Graveyard
Thursday, March 23rd, 2023 3:04pm
Keywords: Dream, Graveyard, School, Fear, Shooting, God, Rest

I just realized today that I've been talking with you guys on and off over the past few years about this dream, and for some reason I never posted it.  haha!  Sorry, everyone!  ^_^;;  You all probably thought I'd either lost my mind, or the dream was buried so far in my blog that you'd have to send in Indiana Jones to find it. :)  Anyhow, here's the dream as dictated in my dream journal.  This will help connect my followup entry about this dream and the actual dream.  Anyhow, here you guys go.


The School Shooting and the Graveyard

I recently had a dream where I was in this small town and I was on a bus with a bunch of kids on their way to school. Anyhow, just as we pull into the school yard the bus is attacked by a bunch of thugs (terrorist/military types) who are trying to kill the kids on the bus.  They were inside the school shooting out through the windows at the bus.  Some police soon arrived and try to help, but they're just flat out overpowered and are doing all they can just to survive this insane firefight, let alone protect the bus full of kids.

The really strange part of this is, even though the bad guys were just peppering the bus with bullets, nobody got hit, despite the bad guys making swiss cheese out of the bus. The worst that happened was that I got some glass in my back from the shattering windows as the bad guys first shot out all the windows in the bus sending glass flying everywhere. I got a bunch of glass embedded in my back because of it. Anyhow, myself and a couple of the other adults on the bus, including the driver, grabbed the kids and we all bailed out the back, and then everyone ran across the school yard to the street. Strangely enough, when we did, the bad guys stopped firing. Even so we double timed it with the kids in case the bad guys were trying to come after us.

We ran down the street away from the school, took a right at the next block and, after running a ways, we ducked out into an old graveyard inside a large stone building in an effort to NOT be super predictable on where we were escaping to in case the bad guys were in fact chasing us (I didn't see them behind us, but I assumed that was only because we had a significant lead on them). We ran through this indoor graveyard past all these dusty, cobweb covered old gravestones (think 1800's era style) until we met a kindly old man (the caretaker) who sympathized with our plight. (When I met him I gave him the dime tour of what was happening, and he seemed to either already know, or at least understand very clearly what'd happened.)

He graciously took us into his protection and allowed us to stay in what I assume was some kind of waiting room near the front of the building. He said that we'd be safe and taken care of in there and that he'd protect us from the gunmen if they showed up. At that point we settled in and tried to make ourselves comfortable, although that was nigh on impossible, as we couldn't find anywhere comfortable to sit or lay down.  There were chairs, but they were unbelievably uncomfortable and no matter what you did, you couldn't get any rest. I also remember the adults going around to each person and tended to the injured and wounded, including me, as someone helped to pick the glass shards out of my back. And yes, I could feel them clear as day, and they hurt. Oy, just like little knives in my back. It wasn't an excruciating pain, but certainly enough that it woke me up.


Anyhow, that's where the dream ended. However, there's still a few more details to fill out. First off, the graveyard building wasn't square or rectangular. It was sort of a half circle that centered around this waiting room near the two front doors (one on either side of the room), which you could only access from the left side of the building when looking at it from the front (the door to the waiting room was to your right once you passed through the left door). Secondly, I remember four distinct things in the waiting room that stood out to me. One, there was sort of a self serve concession stand with hotdogs and other snacks (yes, I know, that's kinda weird for a graveyard/mortuary type structure, but it was there), the second was a drink/beverage vending machine.

The third was an old style 80's era type color TV sitting on one side of the room, and playing on it was a video of a tropical island. The oddest part was, it was showing the word "Hawaii" on the screen on top of the picture of the tropical island and was playing Hawaiian music. The fourth was that there were no creature comforts in the room. The chairs themselves were the old doctor's office/waiting room type chairs, the old 80's style lightly padded, plastic covered, so uncomfortable that they make your bum hurt just to sit in them, type chairs.

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