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Yes, I'm still alive
Monday, March 9th, 2020 12:03pm
Keywords: Humor, Update, Writing, Life

Sorry for not blogging more, but life has been keeping FAR busier than I'd like.  And, I haven't had a lot of new stuff to blog about.  Of course, that's probably due to my insane schedule lately.  Either way, I'm still around.  I'm just trying to keep up on my writing without drowning.  Once I have more freetime, and the bills aren't being so abusive, I'll have time to muse a bit more in my blog. ;)  Either way, I'm still here, still updating MeWe and Twitter, and just generally griding away at Offworld Chronicles.  I'm not sure where I'm gonna go after that, but we'll see.  Anyhow, hang in there everyone.  Eventually life will release its chokehold on me and I'll actually be able to gather a fair quantity of that elusive earth mineral known as freetime.  No, don't laugh, it will happen....some, yeah. :P

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