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May 2024 Writing Update
Wednesday, May 8th, 2024 6:30pm
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Here's my writing update and progress report for May 2024.

1.  Getting back into print - It', happening. ^_^;;  As is seemingly apropos for the writing industry, I've once again hit some snags in getting myself back out there in print.  These aren't show stoppers.  They're just delays.  Don Semora, my cover designer, and layout guy, is making the adjustments in all my currently ready manuscripts to adjust for this, and as soon as he's able to, he'll get them finished so that I can finally put my books back out there in print.

I do realize this takes my ministry books out of print for the time being.  But hopefully it won't be long before that's resolved.  So be patient.  You'll be able to order them in print again soon.  All of this is being caused by an issue at Ingram (who handles the actual POD part), which now has kinda hamstrung Draft2Digital.  But they're working on that to resolve it.  They have some bigger projects to do in the meantime, but I was assured that'll get resolved soon.  Until then we'll just work around the issue until that's fully resolved.

2.  Jenna's Journey - This book is already out there live and in circulation.  However, shortly after sending it out I realized that there was a small issue with it.  That's nothing show stopping, so no need to panic there.  It's just I didn't enable a feature that I needed to in order to get the right kind of results I wanted, as I didn't know about it until recently.  But now that I know, I'll get that resolved.  The downside of this?  I gotta wait to do that.  If it do it before July 1st, I'll incur a $25 updating fee, which I'd like to avoid, as you guys know what my budget is like. AKA, pretty much nonexistent. ^_^;;  So, once the blackout period is over, I'll make the correction, and then push out the change.  Again, this isn't show stopping.  It's just a little nit picky thing I have about how the manuscript appears in print form.  So it's an appearance and layout issue rather than an issue with the story itself.

3.  Short Story Fridays - I've already teased at this a little with a video that I briefly posted, and then had to take down because someone at youtube got their panties in a wad (It was probably the dumb Youtube algo or AI) and made me remove it.  Anyhow, that being said, I have a new short story series, part of my Short Story Fridays, that's coming out sometime in June.  It's a 9 part series call "The Guardians", and is a series of short stories, about 17-28 minutes each in length, that tells a story about a super hero guardian named Paul, and his efforts, along with those of the Guardian Corps, to save earth from a group of extra-dimensional monsters.  I think you'll really like it, and I look forward to your feedback.

Also, I've changed the AI art engine that does my cover art for my short stories from MidJourney to Dalle via Microsoft Copilot.  It gives me less options to work with than MidJourney, but the quality of art is FAR, FAR superior.  So you may see some of my newer covers, ones I hadn't previously generated on MidJourney, appearing in upcoming Short Story Fridays.  I still have a few left in the pipe that were generated on MidJourney before the switchover.  But once those are used up, everything else, going forward, will all be Dalle.  I don't know how long it'll remain that way, but as the quality changes over time between the various AI art engines, I'll probably move around a bit to ensure that I give you guys the best possible cover art to go with the stories I'm producing. :)

4.  The Weyrs of Offworld - I'm just putting the notice out there that this next book, in the "After Offworld" trilogy, will be releasing, unless something prevents me from doing it, sometime around July 1st, or shortly thereafter.  Whereas the first book covered the lives of Simon and his team after they returned from Offworld, this story will cover the lives of your favorite Offworldian dragons, including Zek, Fallon, and more.  There's even a surprise new character, and a bunch of squee going on between Maggy and Garloond.  So don't miss it!

Anyhow, that's all for this update.  If you have any questions, comments, concerns, hate mail, praise, etc, please let me know.  Thanks. :)

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