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Writing Update for June 2024
Saturday, June 15th, 2024 1:11pm
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Okay everyone, it's time for a progress update.

1.  Books to Amazon - It took some serious teeth pulling, and some emails to support, but stuff is finally happening.  Honestly, this is frustrating beyond words.  For someone who claims to be the greatest book seller of all time, they sure make life unnecessarily difficult.  But, anyhow, that's being resolved finally.

2.  Print Books - Okay, I have good news on this front too.  I was finally able to get the print editions moving for my 3 ministry books.  So "Love: God's Greatest Gift", "Manna - Trusting In The Provision of God", and "What Does It Mean To Be A Christian" are finally on the move out into print.  There's no ETA on availability for those yet, but it should be sometime early July.  Gotta wait for Ingram, who handles the POD printing for D2D, to finally list them.  Also, I have one small adjustment for "Jenna's Journey" that I need to do on the manuscript.  So that'll be available, with the change, come August 1st or so.  I can't push that change until June 21st, but once it's through, and completes its processing on the backend, it'll be available again at that time.

3.  Other Titles In Print - At this point I'm taking my time getting all the other titles out into print.  The reasons why I'm sure you can understand.  IE, I want everything I'm releasing into print to be the best it can be.  So I'm taking one final walk through on every title and making sure it's 100% satisfactory before they go out to print.  Since the review process takes about a month or two per title (mostly because of my insanely busy schedule) I'll probably only be releasing 4-6 titles a year at my current pace.  But they will get out there as fast as I can get them.  Once everything I currently have is out in print, then all future titles I release will come out in print immediately.  As for purchase links for said titles, eh, I'll get those posted as they become available.

4.  Future Titles - At present the only titles I have on deck to be worked on are my "Guardians" series (more on that later), and my "Magefall" RPG parody novel.  And, those are "tentative" at this time, and will depend on a lot of other factors.  So I don't really have anything solid as to what's next, aside from the release of After Offworld 2: The Weyrs of Offword, and its book 3 companion, "The Rise of Offworld".  The only reason those are coming out is because they're already done.  However, nothing else is, so I gotta wait and see which books get feet under them before I can say with any certainty what's next.  But, as always, I'll keep you guys informed as I'm able to determine which direction things will go.  And, if you're wondering about the uncertainty, it's mostly caused by two reasons. 1) life in general, and the constant, endless pile of work I have that's NOT writing related, and 2) I have to flow with whichever direction my creativity takes me.  If it's uncertain, then so am I. :D

Anyhow, thanks everyone for sticking with me.  More great stuff is on the horizon!

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