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April 2024 Writing Update
Thursday, April 4th, 2024 4:21pm
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This is the latest writing progress updates.

1.  Reader Feedback: Yes, I have a noisy chair, and my mic sucks.  Remember, starving artist who only does this for fun, and not to make a living. ;)  But yeah, as I get the funds, I'll get those replaced.  I'll also be getting more things that will make for better productions, audiobooks, etc.  But, gotta get the money first. ^_^

2.  My ebooks are now on Amazon.  Thank you D2D for getting that sorted for me!!  Print distribution is also on the move.  Jenna's Journey is done and out there, and my three pocket guides are next on the list, followed by The Offworld Chronicles.  After that I'm planning on getting  Land of the Lions out there, since that's got a sequel trilogy in release, so Earthfleet will have to wait until last.  At least, that's my plan.  What I ultimately do will really be, more or less, whatever I'm able to.  Either way, at the present rate of publication, and so on, I should be able to get everything out there in print again in the next 12-18 months.  Why so long?  lol, have you seen my schedule? :)  Best case scenario, and that's *BEST* case, would be 2 books a month x 24 books = 12 months.  So if y'all could be patient, I'll get them back out there.  When I had to pull everything back to ebooks over 9+ years ago, that really set me back to zero for the most part, so getting back out won't be an easy process since regular publication in the old days was a 3-6 month affair.  So this is the turbo version of that.  lol.

3.  The Pirate King's Gold: Great numbers on the first story, okay on the second, and abysmal on the 3rd.  So, tell me, for those of you who listened to the series, what did you think of it, and where did I go wrong?  Clearly I did something wrong because listenership doesn't drop off like that unless I did something wrong.  I'm honestly asking for your feedback because I want to know where I went wrong with this so I can learn.  That's what good writers do.  We make mistakes, and we learn from those mistakes.  But without hearing from you why you abandoned/didn't like the series, I can't get better and bring you higher quality works.  Please let me know.  I mean it.

4.  Be sure to subscribe to my Rumble channel.  If youtube goes down, I have almost the exact same content mirrored there so you can continue listening to my content as it's released, even if Youtube dies for any reason, be that long or short term.  I say that because, if you haven't been paying attention, youtube is in some trouble, even though they're doing well to hide it.  And that's not conspiracy theory.  It's legit.  And, even if youtube never fails, it still doesn't hurt to subscribe over at Rumble anyways, especially if you're interested in my writing tutorials. :)  But, either way, being subscribed in both locations is a really good idea.

5.  Reader Feedback: Do you ever plan to ever push my books into TV and movies?  Short answer, no.  You only get into those fields if you know someone, and from all I've seen, even if I did, it's too much hassle and bother.  I'm also no longer looking into getting into audiobooks.  Out of all books purchased, 80% are print, which is a shock given the era we're in, and how much Ebooks were looking to dominate things at one point.  Now they're only about 15% of the market max.  Audiobooks are only about 5% of the remaining market among the three types.  So yeah, not gonna bother with audiobooks anymore.  For what it costs (about $2500 per book) to do them, and given that most people are fine with the AI voice TTS systems, I'm gonna stick primarily to just print and ebook unless something changes.

    Bonus Prospect: I'm looking at possibly doing some of my books as graphic novels.  I'm still exploring this, and nothing may come of it, but that's one possible avenue of expansion I'm looking into.

Anyhow, that's my writing update for April 2024.  If you wish to, you can also listen to this, and all the included commentary about this, on my Youtube and Rumble channels.

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