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Lion and the Fire is back up for sale!
Friday, July 27th, 2018 2:05am
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For those of you who have been ever so patiently waiting for Lion and the Fire, book 4 of the Land of the Lions series, I have extremely good news for you!  I've finally had a chance to go through, clean up, and further improve the story to the point where I am now happy with it.  As such I have republished it again on my site, and it has already begun the process of propagating out from Smashwords and into the rest of the Ebook world.  So if you would like a copy of this most excellent final chapter in the Lions saga, by all means please head on over to Smashwords and grab a copy.  Or, if you like, you can wait for a few days until it becomes available at Barns and Nobles, as well as iTunes.  As for the Offworld Chronicles, I'm hoping to have book 3 out by September 1st, although that date is still up in the air.  I'll know more once I get closer.  And as always, thanks for reading!!

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