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February 2024 Writing Update
Monday, February 12th, 2024 10:02pm
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This is the latest writing progress updates.

1.  Draft 2 Digital Conversion - Um, yeah, I talked with D2D and apparently they've decided that they're going to take their ever sweet time converting my Smashwords account over to D2D's interface because they "want to be entirely sure nothing goes wrong", which is weird given that they were already easily able to convert over all the users who already had D2D accounts, and did it very quickly.  So yeah, not sure what's up with that, but okay....

     Edit: They finally got me fixed, and it was all due to ONE SETTING that they kinda didn't bother to tell me about.  Either way, the account is converted over, and propagating.  The only downside is I can't do anything for a few weeks until that's done, after which I'll be able to finally start on my print stuff. :)

2.  Next Release - After Offworld Book 2, The Weyrs of Offworld.  That's the next one that's coming up.  ETA of release is likely to be July or so.  I like to space out releases at between 6 months, and 1 year.  Yes, I realize that AO1 didn't come out until well over a year after "The Weaver's Forge", but that's because I was expecting D2D to have done my account conversion much, much sooner, and thus intended to save myself the trouble that might've ensued if I'd kept up my publishing rate on Smashwords.  But, since D2D is dragging their feet, I'm just gonna keep going status quo at Smashwords until I hear otherwise.

3.  Next Book Series - Right now I have my "Empire" series on deck.  ETA of release?  I have no idea as I don't even have the core story for book 1 solidified yet.  I made some more progress on the idea recently, but I'm waiting for my brain to crunch on it enough that I finally can see everything I need to write about and can produce the story from there.  So your patience is welcome as this is all part of the creative process.  Especially since this series will require me building a whole new world from the ground up, so that's going to take longer than if I was writing off of an established world.  Plus, the older you get, the longer it takes you to build those worlds. ^_^;;

4.  Youtube - Okay, it seems that Youtube is being a complete prude and won't rank up my videos, or suggest them or anything unless y'all like the heck out of them.  I mean, I think that's both dumb, and genius at the same time.  A dishonest genius, but genius none the less.  Honestly, I feel like the video should stand on its own without like spamming being needed for people to find it.  But, yeah, I guess that's the only way to get my stuff more noticed, and that means you guys have to help out with that.  And again, I hate like begging, but if you can help out with promoting the videos, it gives me more views, and more people get to enjoy the stuff I post.  So help out if you can.  Also, for you Rumble users, apparently they're doing the same thing as well, so you guys will have to do the same thing.  *le sigh* :)

And that's all for this time. :)

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