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Dream: A Periscope on Life
Saturday, August 12th, 2023 10:02am
Keywords: Dream, Revelations, Spiritual Warfare, Healing, Soul Searching, Discovery

I'm bringing you another dream I had, but this one was in seven parts over a number of dream periods from a couple days ago.  I titled this the "Periscope of Life" as I believe it digs into important issues in my life that I need to address, but have been too afraid to.  Gee, imagine that, me being fearful, right? ;) *rolls eyes*  I think we're all like that to some degree, but God is getting on my case about it now, which is good, as it's forcing me to face these things rather than ignore them.  Anyhow, here's the 7 parts of that dream series.

         1. In the first part of this dream sequence, He showed me a scene where I was talking with Praying Medic.  In the dream he was doing one of his broadcasts, and I'd called in and we were talking, and discussing something (I don't remember what, only that we were talking about an issue I had) and it was helping me get through that problem.

         2.  I was riding in this car, a convertible with its top down, along an old country road.  We were headed to a farm where we were supposed to help some fellow believers kick out some demons that were infesting the place.  As we're driving, we pass by this farmer (not the one who owned the farm we were going to) on the side of the road, who I then turned to and shouted, "I've finally got my certification to help others and do ministry!" which he seemed impressed with.  Yet, at the same time, my pronouncement felt hollow, like I wasn't actually as qualified as my certification said I was, and if anything I was totally fake, completely unqualified, and just pretending.  I remember how ashamed I felt about this.

         3.  Upon entering the farm I remember seeing several believers go ahead of me into one of the barns.  The farm, as I remember, was oddly split in half, with the barns on my left being demon free, and all the demons that were plaguing and infesting the place in the barns on the right.  I remember being afraid to join the others in casting them out for fear of being attacked by the demons, as I didn't feel prepared, or qualified to participate in those battles.  So I just stood back and watched as they did the spiritual warfare, but did nothing to help.  I remember that the barns inside were very dark and scary and filled with fear inducing things, and I was afraid to go in.

         4.  I then fled to the pump house on the farm.  It was a 10x10 wooden building, and had water filled couches inside (yes, that's weird, I know, lol) and was of the old, really early 20th century style wooden construction.  I then notice that I'm not actually in there anymore in physical form, but rather merely an invisible observer standing off to the side.  The "me" that was in the pump house now was just a little child, maybe 8yo, who was standing by the door.  Just then, I saw this brilliant white light come up to the door, and want to come in (This was God), but the little "child" me was too terrified to let in that.  Eventually the light turned and left, returning to the barn it'd come from. (I could see this as though the walls were transparent).  The barn in question is denoted in #5.

         5.  I then stepped outside the pump house (regular me this time) and looked back towards the barns that were part of the spiritual battles and noticed this incredible light coming from one of them that was on the opposite side of the farm from the ones that were filled with demon, and I remember how incredibly peaceful that light felt.  This was different than #3 as it felt like the complete opposite of the barns from the initial part of the battle.  Even so, I was convinced that this was just a continuation of the previous battle, but with a different environment. 

         I then watch as this one guy, dressed sorta like an Alaskan lumberjack, covered in what looked like black splotches and stains, with an angry expression on his face, storms into the building to do battle.  He's immediately thrown out of that building a few moments latter like a bug being flicked off someone's leg.  I watched this repeat several times, with no success on his part.  I also remember that, unlike with #3, I felt drawing me in there, and encouraging me to step forward and enter the barn.  However, I was too afraid to go and simply remained where I was.

         6.  I'm at a Trump rally, and they were having sort of a flea market and carnival, and it was a very festive atmosphere around there.  As I'm going through the tents I find these two books that I think are interesting, and are something that this one lady in another nearby booth might want to read.  So I bring them over to her, and show her the books.  She's definitely interested in them, but then says, "Thank you for bringing them.  However, we can't keep them as the party platform has changed from reading those kinds of books, and the opinions they contain, over to the bible, and only the bible.  As such, they will accept nothing else."

         7. In this last part I remember finding myself in an office, I think it was my dad's office in the basement of my old house, and I'm standing across from someone sitting behind an office desk, and on the desk is a bunch of paperwork, and various digital media, and such.  Next to me is my mom standing to my left.  As we're standing there we're going through old paperwork, and as we are, I open this envelope and inside is this really old 3 1/2" floppy disk with a label on it, and I realize that it's a very old, old program that I'd once used, and even mom had at one time.  I then remember commenting to her that we should probably throw this away as it's too old and obsolete, and thus we can't use it anymore.  And besides, I don't even have a disk drive that can read it with anymore.  And, even if I did, there's nothing on there we can use.

Anyhow, that's the dreams.

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