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A Spiritual Mystery
Saturday, February 10th, 2024 11:51pm
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EDIT: Part 1 of this is solved.  See bottom for details.

Hey everyone, I've got a bit of a spiritual mystery I'm trying to solve, and I'm hoping you guys can help me with this.  So here goes.  I've had a series of 2 dreams, and one real life encounter that all point to a common theme, but I'm not exactly sure what this is pointing to.  As a bit of background God likes to work with me in patterns, which is good as I love patterns.  The first of those patterns is that every 7-9 years I undergo one type or another of a major life event.  So far that pattern has followed a 9/7/9/7 pattern or cycle with me being at nearly the end of the second 7 year period.

The other pattern God works with is that certain people enter my life at a given point, usually right before I start a major or significant life event, and then they leave right around the time that life event ends.  And it hasn't been just one or two people.  It's been a bunch, and they've all entered and left roughly the same way, like they were put there for a special purpose, and once that purpose was fulfilled, they were removed, or moved on.  That's where two people, who I'm going to mention here, come into play.  The first is our landlady.  She came to work here just a few months before I moved into my current apartment.

The second person is a security dude I know from the complex that God has used to calm my fears about my safety at this complex (it's in Lansing, so you get the picture why I was worried, lol) and reinforce the fact that He has everything under control.  With that said, here's where things get interesting.  A couple weeks ago by now I had this really weird dream where I was at the office of our apartment complex to see the land lady.  I don't remember why, I just wen there to see her.  As I walk into the office I notice her standing in front of her desk, and there's some guy, who I've never seen before, sitting in her normal place.

While I couldn't see the guy's face, I didn't get a good vibe off him, and felt a bit uncomfortable.  I then looked at the land lady like, "What's this about?" and she said to me, "I've quit, and I'm moving south."  A couple days later I ran into the same security guy I mentioned above while out for a walk, and in the same part of the complex where we've interacted numerous times before (it's like a thing with him that I only ever encounter him, or talk with him, if I'm in that one specific spot), and he, out of the blue, says to me, "I'm moving down to Florida in June."  That caught me completely off guard.

A couple days later I end up having another dream, and I'm at the office again, but this time in the lobby, and while I'm there the land lady comes up to me, and with smiles, and a lot of kindness, she leans over to me, and says, "I'm leaving."  This so caught me off guard, and was so out of left field, that I looked at her in surprise to be sure I heard her right, and then asked, "Say that again!?"  She then smiles at me, and says, "I'll tell you again another time," as though she wants me to know, but not anyone else.  So why is this so important?  Well, both the dreams, and the encounter with the one resident guy (security dude) are connected together, and the connection is my apartment complex.

Now, where this all ties in is a major change in my life that I've been waiting years for.  Anyhow, for the last several years I've been wanting to move out of my current apartment, and into a different place, preferably a house in the country if possible.  However, for that same amount of time, and somewhat longer if you count other things that came before it, God has been telling me to stay put, and don't move, of which I've happily obeyed (albeit also begrudgingly at times too, lol) as I know that moving to a new place, if it's not God's express will, and even command, will just land me in a ton of trouble.  That alone has kept me from making the jump.

Yet I haven't failed to keep asking Him from time to time if I can move, which always ended up being no. ^_^;;  Anyhow, circling back, I'm coming up on the 7 year mark from my last major life event, and the timing, and frequency of these clues seem out of place considering everything before it.  God's also being extremely quiet right now in regards to another residence, one that I hope is outside of the city.  So that's primarily where my confusion lies.  I've had the two dreams about the same thing, and the interaction with the security dude, but no word from God to back this up or give me any clue what all this means, or what's so significant about it.

That's why I'm looking for your guy's help in trying to decode this.  Is this God's way of hinting to me that a change of address is coming up and I'm too dense to catch on, am I being tested to see if I will obey and stay put like I've previously been told to do, or am I reading too much into this and it really doesn't mean anything?  Any insights you guys can offer would be hugely welcome.  Thanks.


Update: I just found out today that our land lady was let go.  So that explains that part.  It also invalidates my theory that this might be a marker for moving.  I'm still not sure about part 2, the security guy, but we'll see soon enough. :)

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