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Dream: Jesus and the Holodeck
Wednesday, April 21st, 2021 1:39pm
Keywords: Dream, Daydream, Jesus, Lesson, Reverence, Love, Obedience, Example

Some of you might read the title of this dream (really it's a daydream that functions like a blending of a dream and a vision), but bear with me on this as you'll understand my choice of words when naming this one.  Anyhow, to provide some context, I was standing on the crew deck (deck 3) of the Sergenious and daydreaming what it would be like to actually be in command of that ship.  For those who might find that odd, believe it or not, that's how the entire Earthfleet universe came about.  It started with me picturing the Sergenious itself, and it's AI Sarah, and asking the usual writer's questions of who, what, where, when, why and how?  That's what originally spawned the series.  But anyhow, while there, I remember stepping into the holoroom on the crew deck, at which point the program began and I was transported back to biblical times.

The specific target was somewhere between 30 and 33ad, during the life of Christ.  So why did I go there?  I wanted to see Jesus, of course! :D  So anyhow, we arrived in this small village, and I remember looking at the world around me, feeling the wind, smelling the smells (wow, do sheep stink!), seeing and hearing the people, and so on.  I was literally living in that time period in the daydream.  I also remember Sarah being there with me, and she kinda appeared to be enjoying it too, despite it being just a holographic illusion.  Of course, in the daydream, she was just a hologram, rather than the Benoi that she is in the books.  But, anyhow, that aside (sorry if I wander a bit on this, that's just my nature), I remember at some point in the daydream that Jesus appeared.  The interesting part is, I don't remember what He looked like, only that I saw, and felt, the most amazing love coming from Him.

And not just love.  This was the most amazing, boundless, limitless, unconditional love you will ever know, and it just kinda radiated out of Him like a tsunami.  It was an overwhelming love, but not oppressive.  If anything, it was so amazing, I would've sat there all day basking in it if I could.  It was that wonderful.  However, in my mind, I felt that this was all simply part of the experience.  I mean, this was a holographic simulation, so that wasn't the real Jesus.  That was just how Sarah had setup the simulation to give me the closest to reality experience possible, despite my heart telling me it was anything but that.  Anyhow, as I watched, I saw Jesus healing the sick, preaching to the lost, raising the dead, etc.  IE, it was literally a snapshot right out of the bible.  But again, I thought it was just a simulation, as that's why we'd gone into the holoroom in the first place, to experience a virtual recreation of this event, or at least one scene from this period in time.

And, before you wonder why I could've thought this, remember, I was so immersed in this daydream that I was living it as though I was actually there, and that every single bit of this was real, including real holograms.  Eventually, after watching these events, Jesus came up to me, and literally stood in front of me.  He then looked at me with the most loving eyes, and smiled at me, but never said a word.  Even so, I knew exactly what he was thinking, and it filled my heart with joy.  I then turned to Sarah, and said, "You did really good on this.  That's the most realistic Jesus I've ever seen."  She then looked at me with the straightest, most "matter of fact" look on her face, and said, "That's not a hologram.  That's the real Jesus."  At first I thought she was joking.  But after a few moments I realized she wasn't.  My head then snapped around and looked at Jesus with the most widest eyes.  It didn't take me long to realize, she was right.  What I did next, without so much as a blink of hesitation, still to this day makes me smile.

Upon realizing I was standing in front of the real Jesus, I immediately hit the ground and bowed as low as I could.  No hesitation, no pause, no doubting.  Just "wham" and on the ground I was.  And that's the right position to take when standing before Jesus.  No standing, staring, hesitation, nothing.  Just down on your knees in worship and reverence before Him.  And I remember seeing that part of the dream, not in first person as I had been, but in 3rd person, where I was still controlling my body, but I could see things as though I were a 3rd party observer.  And I remember seeing the look on His face when I did this, that He was pleased with what I'd done, and my obedience, and reverence of Him.  What makes me smile and feel proud of myself (not the bad kind of pride, but rather the good kind that is well pleased with an action taken) is that, upon realizing that I was standing before the real and completely legitimate Jesus, I did not hesitate to bow before Him.  If anything, I probably bowed a little too fast, as I hit that ground like a sack of potatoes once I realized who I was standing in front of.  Oddly, that was where the daydream ended, as I don't remember anything else beyond that.

But, even so, I think, if anything, what I did in that daydream was a good example what we should do, and how we should act when in the presence of Jesus.  He's certainly our friend, but He's also our God, our Creator, our King, our Savior, and much more.  And, as such, we should show Him absolute deference and reverence when in His presence.  And since, when we are saved, He comes into our hearts and dwells there, doesn't that technically mean that we're always in His presence?  As such, should we not live that way every single day of our lives?  Now, that doesn't mean we should be 24/7/365 on our knees bowing before Him.  At least not physically.  However, we should absolutely be doing that spiritually, and in the way we live our lives.  Our hearts should be prostrate before the Lord 24/7/365, and if we're not, we are dishonoring the very one to whom we owe EVERYTHING.  We owe Him our very lives, our existence (He did create us, after all, and without Him, we wouldn't exist), our salvation, and so much more.  And I think this daydream kinda teaches that.

Yes, I did the right thing when I realized who I was standing before.  I didn't think about it, dwell on it, contemplate it, etc.  When I realized it was Jesus, boom, down I went.  IE, it was entirely instinctual to me to do that.  That is the kind of love and reverence we should always have for the Lord.  And, I admit, I don't love Him perfectly, or as well as I should as I still sin.  We all do.  However, nurturing and building that kinda love for the Lord, should be one of our most important things we do.  Our hearts should be prostrate in front of the Lord 24/7/365, and in loving the Lord the way that we correctly should, we will also develop a natural behavior that shuns sin.  So why do we sin?  We love our sin more than our Creator.  As Jesus said, "You cannot love God and mammon."  Mammon doesn't have to be money, as it's often translated to be.  Mammon can, and pretty much is, anything that is NOT of God.  Therefore, anything that is sin is a form of Mammon, and if you serve Mammon, you can't serve God.  Or if you do, God will be second fiddle, and that's a bad place to be.

If you can't spiritually bow the knee, and remain bowed, worshiping and serving the Lord in spirit, you will never serve Him properly in the flesh.  And again, I'm not making myself to be some great super saint.  There are plenty of days where I feel as Paul did, when he sais, "I am the chief of sinners."  And let me say this, I have, in my opinion, far too many days, and episodes, where I very much feel, and am, the chief of sinners.  So don't think I'm putting myself on a pedestal.  If anything I should dig a deep hole and jump into it, because that would, at least, put me on a more realistic footing with where I stand spiritually.  Or, at least, how I see myself.  And this isn't self flagellation.  This is reality expressed.  But, that being said, we should all be, as the daydream showed me, spiritually prostrate and reverent before the Lord at all times, and should always strive to love Him at all times without so much as a question in our hearts, abhorring sin, and clinging to Him with such a love that we are forever prostrate in His presence, demonstrating our love for Him, who first loved us.

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