Author Steven Lake
Jenna's Journey

Jenna's Journey is a brief but exciting tale about a young mother and her two children who are sent halfway across the country on a journey to a new life by the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Through her journey you will see demonstrated the power of faith, prayer, and the hand of God in the midst of the seemingly everyday events of our lives.

Series:   Christian Books and Pocket Guides
Release Date:   August 2015
ISBN:   978-1311589514 (ebook)
978-1940155258 (Print)
Price:   Ebook: $1.99, Print: $5.99
Genre:   Christian Fiction
Size:   23,449 words (ebook), 94 pages (print)
Keywords:   Adventure, Journey, Faith, Christian, Miracle, Slice of Life

Available at these locations:
Note: I'm still waiting on Amazon to approve the sale of Jenna's Journey in print. I'm not sure what the delay is, but as soon as it clears I will update this page with purchasing and price info.


Kindle (ie, .mobi) versions are also available at the Smashwords link above!


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