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A Curious Prophetcial Encounter
Friday, March 8th, 2024 12:23pm
Keywords: God, Encounter, Dreams, Prophecy, Revelation

Okay, this is kinda wild.  I think God is saying something here.  To give you a little background, back at the end of February I had this dream, The Great Balloon Crash.  Then about a week later my dad has this dream, The Three Meals, which I told to some friends, one of whom had a virtual fulfillment of the second dream during meal time.  Then this morning, in my bible study, Psalm 37:18-19 came up:

The blameless spend their days under the Lord’s care, and their inheritance will endure forever.  In times of disaster they will not wither;  in days of famine they will enjoy plenty.

Now you tell me something ain't happening.  I mean, that's a major case of, "message received, Lord." :)

EDIT 03/09/2024: Okay, this just gets wilder by the day.  Last night I had one of the most epic spiritual warfare dreams I've had in ages.  Literally I was fighting witches, demons, and other foul spirits.  I won, but it was a battle royale all the way.  I then woke up today and, while doing my morning reading of news, someone posted an article that God used to help me finally understand the meaning behind Rogue, and the storms, and their persistence in my dream The Castle of the Despot.  I mean, you can't make this stuff up.  God is moving bigtime in my life right now, for reasons I'm not entirely sure of (although I have my theories), and Satan IS NOT one bit happy about this. lol.

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