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Dream: The Castle of the Despot
Thursday, September 14th, 2023 3:51pm
Keywords: Dream, Castle, Despot, Slavery, Revelation, End, Justice, Freedom

In this dream I find myself standing in a room watching as children are being instructed by adults.  They all look well fed, well clothed, happy, and excited to do their studies.  I then briefly watch through the eyes of one of the children and experience the excitement of classes, learning, etc.  I then pull back to a 3rd person view of this and soon realize that we're actually in the dungeon of a castle, and not a normal classroom.  However, nobody seems to mind, or even realize this.  It's at this point that I notice, standing to my right, are two people: A man I don't recognize, and one of my favorite super hero characters, "Rogue Dragon".  I soon discover that Rogue is there to give the other guy a tour.  As I listen, Rogue begins to explain that this was the level in the castle where slaves were held.  He also reveals that everything we're seeing here is not real.  These are holograms that were used by the castle's master to convince the slaves to obey, and to be educated by their masters in ways that would benefit only their masters.  IE, indoctrination to make them willingly and blindly obedient, no matter what their masters asked of them.

He then takes us up this steep set of stairs that's really hard to climb to a landing where we look out this huge picture window where I discover we're actually on an island, and the skies above us are filled with these mean, terrible, powerful storms.  They were very scary, and some of them even took odd shapes like wolves and monsters that were growling back at the castle, filled with hate, lightning, fire, etc.  It was really scary stuff.  However, there were also gaps in the clouds where you could see blue sky, and tell that it was getting towards dusk.  He then takes us up to the next level which is an entire floor of empty rooms made of stone.  These once housed a higher class of slave that was paid for their labors, but still slaves.  All of the rooms there were completely empty.  Lastly, he takes us to the top floor that consisted of one gigantic room, in the middle of which was a massive king sized bed.

On the bed was the skeleton of a dead man.  Rogue then explains, while showing us sort of a real time visual retelling, what happened at this castle, and why it was abandoned.  It turns out that the man in the bed, the skeleton, used to be the ruler of the castle.  Using his money, technology, and crushing, despotic power, he ruled over everyone with an iron fist.  This included the entirety of his family, all of whom were of the aristocracy, and lived on the top floor with him.  Up until his death, all of them were unswervingly loyal to him, but not out of love, or dedication.  They feared him, and were too terrified to oppose him in anything.  Even as he was dying, they surrounded his bed and shed fake tears and pretended to weep for him, and adore him, and be loyal to him.  However, the moment he passed away, the room fell silent.  Everyone then waited anxiously for the verdict that the old despot was indeed dead.

As soon as that was confirmed, everyone's faces filled with dark, angry scowls.  It was clear to all of us that they really deeply hated him, but they were too afraid to show that while he was alive.  They then cast off their clothes of mourning, went to their rooms, packed up their things, and left the island, never to return again.  The scene then changed to the middle floor with the paid slaves.  They were left behind by the aristocratic family when they left, and made to fend for themselves.  Realizing they were now free, these paid slaves immediately turned and raided the castle's treasury and divided up the money they took from there between themselves as restitution for all of the pay that was held back, or stolen from them, that they had rightly earned and deserved.  Interestingly enough, they then went to the bottom floor/dungeon, gathered up all the true slaves there, and took them off the island with them to freedom.

I then understood that the only things which remained in the castle now were the former tools of slavery, the castle itself, and its deceased, despotic owner who was so hated by everyone that he wasn't even given a burial.  He was just left to rot in his bed.  I was also made to understand that a weather control device, housed nearby on the island, was the reason why the island was covered in storms, and had been created and used to bring fear to the servants in the castle, to keep them in line, while also ensuring that they didn't escape.  We then made our way outside where we floated above the ground as we looked on at the now empty castle.

Rogue then reached out towards the weather control device and, with a simple closing of his hand, the slowly failing, crumbling weather control machinery imploded and was destroyed, ending the storms.  However, because of the inertia still in the system (ie, the air, water, clouds, etc), it'd still be several hours before the storms that this system had created would fully dissipate.  Rogue then did the same thing to the castle, causing it to collapse and implode in on itself, destroying everything that remained inside, including the holograms and other tech that was once used to control everyone inside.  Having freed the island from the last vestiges of its former master, and despotic king, we turned and left.  We then floated across the water to the mainland, at which point the dream ended.

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