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Dream: The Three Meals
Wednesday, March 6th, 2024 4:38pm
Keywords: Dream, Famine, Bounty, Food, Meals, Steak, Chicken, Potatoes

This dream comes from my dad.  In the dream he was coming into the house from outdoors with a group of other people.  They then sat down at a table and were served plates of food.  However, on the plates were just little dabs of mashed potatoes, with a thin beef broth, and that was it.  He then got up and went into another room and sat down at a different table.  This time he was served a piece of steak.  It was small, about 2" x 2", which he ate.

He then went into another room with other people and sat down again.  This time he was served a full sized steak, while the others around him were served with grilled chicken, and big pieces of it too.  They ate their fill and then got up, leaving a lot of chicken left.  Dad then finishes his steak, and begins eyeing that chicken, not because he was still hungry (apparently he was satisfied with the steak), but just because it was there, like, "That looks good.  I might have some of that."  The dream ends there.


My interpretation.  I believe the 3 meals are 3 months.  It doesn't feel like years to me due to the immediacy of each event.  This also fits with things I've had dreams about too, including one that talked about how we'd have so much food we wouldn't know what to do with it all.  In that dream the primary "excess food" just so happened to be chicken.  Anyhow, in part 1, the dream depicts that food will be available, but it will be barely enough to keep you alive, and definitely NOT enough to satisfy you.  Like, bare, bare minimums.  The second indicates that things will still be a little lean, but they will have improved (steak over mashed potatoes, even if it's still small, as that would be a meal upgrade), and the third shows a very good, prosperous period where food would be plenty, satisfying, and in such abundance that you eat, and are satisfied, and there's plenty to spare.

This fits with not only what I've seen, but also what I've heard, of a period of 3 months where we will go from extreme deprivation, to sufficient, to plentious and bountiful.  However, the bounty will not be equal.  Whereas dad as eating a large steak, the others had chicken, of which Chicken and Pork are poor man's food.  At least presently, with pork more so than chicken.  So some people will be blessed such that they can afford the higher value food, and some will just be blessed such that they will be provided with that.  Those that aren't of quite as good a means will then eat chicken.  (point of reference, steak right now is $10lb, whereas chicken is about $3lb in my area.  Also, potatoes are the cheapest of the foods mentioned here at about 75c a pound.)

Also, while the dream doesn't give dates, times, locations, events, etc, it feels like, based on what I've heard from various prophets, probably the result of an economic collapse, and probably sometime in August, or October, based on what I've heard.  Anyhow, that's his dream and I wanted to share it. :)

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