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Dream: The Great Balloon Crash
Thursday, February 29th, 2024 12:52pm
Keywords: Dream, Crash, Balloons, People, Police, Helpless, Unhelpful, Anger, Death

In this dream I'm walking down a street in my old home town, and as I am, I notice that a number of hot air balloons have fallen from the sky, and are torn to pieces.  All of them appear to have been involved in an accident, or multiple accidents, which fatally, and catastrophically damaged each of the balloons, causing them to crash.  While the cause of the accident was not specified, nor could I see any reason for it myself, I could definitely see that, whatever had caused this crash had absolutely SHREDDED the balloons.  To add insult to injury, upon crashing, things on the ground (light poles, vehicles, etc) had further shredded the balloons until they were completely destroyed beyond any hope of saving or repairing them.

As I'm continuing to walk I'm hearing people all around me discussing this and what happened, which reinforced what I was seeing.  Then, as I'm passing yet another crash site, the 3rd I'd seen so far, I heard wailing and severe anger as people were crying and bewailing the crashes.  I then hear people talking about how Ozzy Ozborn had been in one particular hot air balloon, and how its crash had killed him.  People were screaming, and yelling, and throwing around blame, and saying that those whose negligence had led to this crash, and his death, should be sought out, and arrested, and punished severely for what they'd done, even to the point of death.

I then turned a corner and saw police officers, in late model 1980's SUV's that were in really sordid shape, and in no condition to be used for regular personal use, let alone police work, drive up to the accident site.  However, they neither got out of their vehicles, nor did anything but observe.  They didn't even call for backup, or ambulances, or assistance of any kind.  They just sat their in their SUV's and watched, but did nothing.  It was regular people who stepped up and helped the crash victims, what few survivors there were.  Nobody else lifted a finger, or did anything but watch and bemoan what'd happened.


My interpretation: As a point of reference, balloons symbolize happiness.  A hot air balloon, in turn, would thus symbolize empty happiness.  (Ref: A politician speaking empty words, aka "hot air".)  Out of the three balloons, one of them contained Ozzy Ozborn, a famous rocker from the late 20th century.  He now does TV stuff like America's Got Talent and such.  Anyhow, the destruction of the three balloons, to me, symbolizes that this crash, whatever it'll be, is God's doing, with Ozzy being a symbol that, among all those who are taken down, one third, or merely one group of them will be famous stars.  IE, actors, musicians, athletes, etc.  He was numbered among the victims in the 3rd balloon.  In the second balloon I saw men in suits (CEO's, rich people, bankers, etc), although I don't remember anyone specificity being named in that group.

The first balloon, from what I could see, just had normal people in it.  IE, blue collar, white collar, and the "lower" end members of society.  So basically each balloon covered the three major divisions of modern society.  This then would represent that people in each one of these groups will die, or be hurt severely because of what they were doing.  The outcries of the people that I heard, and the fact that most did nothing about this, and merely stood by bemoaning what'd happened, while calling for justice against those who caused it, indicates that these people, who were taken down, will receive little to no help from anyone else, as only a handful will attempt to assist them after the crash.

The fact that the police showed up later on, and in the way that they did, indicates to me that the government will not only be impotent at this time, and unable to help.  Or, more likely, they will merely be unwilling to.  I mean, even though they were in the sorry state that they were, those policemen could've at least gotten out of their trucks and tried to help.  Yet they did not, and even refused to.  Even more disappointing is that only a handful of people who were there were willing to rise up and do anything.  The rest merely stood by and complained, and threatened, and demanded justice for this tragedy.

Anyhow, that's my thoughts.

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