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Lion in the Wind

Born of an idea ahead of its time, a cybernetic lion named Tgegani is thrown into a world on the verge of all out war.  Tasked with protecting the Yigzan people, he and his pride must fight against the forces of darkness and save his people from both an ancient evil, and a madman bent on world domination.

Series:   Land of the Lions
Release Date:   August 2012
ISBN:   978-1476429960 (ebook)
Price:   Ebook: FREE!, Print: TBA
Genre:   Scifi/Fantasy
Size:   104,140 words (ebook)
Keywords:   Scifi, Action, Adventure, Mystery, Fantasy, Robots, Intrigue, Lions, Immortal Beings

Available at these locations:
Note: I'm offering the first book in this series for free for you to try. If you like it, please consider reading my other books in this series.


Kindle (ie, .mobi) versions are also available at the Smashwords link above!


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