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Manna, Christian and Love books now free!!
Wednesday, March 6th, 2019 7:15pm
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Hey everyone, long time, no chat. :)  Anyhow, I just wanted to make a quick post to let everyone know that I've decided, for the time being, to make my core three Christian pocket guides free of charge to anyone who wants, or more importantly, needs them and the incredible message of hope that they each contain inside.  The ebooks are now free at Smashwords for any of you to download as much and as often as you'd like, and will eventually become free at all the other retailers as they propagate out.  So if you go to, let's say iTunes, and they're not yet available for free, give it a little time for that info to update and they eventually will be.

As for the Print books, I can't make those free as there's a cost in producing them, and I don't have the resources to buy up a bunch and hand them out to everyone, so I apologize on that front.  And lastly, for the audiobooks, since my distributors won't let me sell them on their platform for free, I've decided to upload copies of them to my site here where you can download them at no cost.  I'll be providing the links below to the book information pages for each pocket guide so you can download each of them for free if you prefer audiobooks.  For those wanting the free audiobooks, look for this icon on the individual book information pages:

Also, since these books are a ministry of mine to those who are in need and are hurting, please feel free to share them with whoever you need or want to.  And, you don't have to give me anything for them.  As I said, I'm making them free because people are hurting and I believe they need these books, and the wonderful message of hope inside them.  The books being offered, for those who haven't already figured it out, will be "Manna, Trusting in the Provision of God", "Love, God's Greatest Gift", and "What does it mean to be a Christian".  I pray these books help and encourage everyone who reads them.  God bless you all. :)

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