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Latest Book News - White Mountains, Earthfleet and More!
Tuesday, August 6th, 2019 10:00pm
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Hey all, sorry I haven't posted more (I know, I know, I keep apologizing about this, but man, life is so crazy busy for me that I can't help it!! ^_^;;), but you can be certain that I am making progress on my books.  Anyhow, that aside, I wanted to update everyone on where I am with my writing and publication schedule.  First off, for those of you wanting to know when the next Offworld novel is coming out, namely "The White Mountains", I've set a target date for October of this year.  Some of you might be thinking, "Well that's awful fast."  And, under normal circumstances, that would be.  However, because I missed the publication target date twice with Gold Rush, I now need to kinda speed up my release schedule a bit to compensate for that.

Now, that doesn't mean I'm going to rush things out and give you a low quality novel just to meet the publication date.  You all know better than that.  It's why Gold Rush was so late, because I refused to publish it until I was completely satisfied with the final product.  That's why it was so late coming out.  However, I don't see that being an issue with The White Mountains as I've been working on the latest edit the past few days and this one is really solid already, so I don't see any of the same problems happening with it that I had with Gold Rush.  In fact, once I get done with my latest edit I plan to push it out to my feedback readers for their thoughts, after which I'll add any needed changes, then push it out for publication, hopefully around October.

So, for those of you excitedly waiting for the next editions, you can safely know that they'll be coming soon, and in rapid succession too.  Or, at least that's the planet.  But, as stated before, they will come out when they're ready, and not before.  And if that allows me to get back on my original schedule, then great, and if not, then fine.  I'd like to get back on the old schedule, but I'm gonna also be sure that what comes out isn't puppy mill garbage.  It will either be good, or it won't come out, even if that means I never get caught up, which I'm sure all of you will greatly, greatly appreciate.  That's why people love my books.  I give my best, whatver that is at the time, and never accept second best.

Which brings me to my Earthfleet series.  Including the Earthfleet Saga, and the Earthfleet Extended Universe.  For those of you who know me, and know my books, you also know those were earlier releases of mine from when I wasn't as good, and was just getting started into publishing.  And, you may also remember all my comments about taking those books, and completely gutting and rewriting them to improve the stories and make them better.  You also knew that, to do that, I'd be some time getting to it.  Well, I have some good news.  While writing up the summaries for the novels to be included in my Wiki, I came to realize that, really the stories aren't that bad.

Yes, they need some serious overhauls in the grammar and spelling department, as well as a few clarifications and the patching of some plot holes, but that's really all they need.  No gigantic brushhog, or "let's burn it to the ground and start from scratch" rewrites.  Just basically an editor's pass or two through them and then a rerelease to the wild for all of you to enjoy them again.  Now, for those of you asking about Jenna's Journey, and whether or not I'd be doing any updates and improving on that, since I haven't heard any complaints about the book, nor do I know of any major issues with the story, grammar, spelling, etc, I probably won't.  Now, if you guys go and start finding a lot of problems, I will, as I always try to ensure that every one of my books is top quality.  But, if you're not finding any critical issues with the book, then I probably won't be doing anything more with it editing wise.

And with that I leave you with this one final thought.  You guys are more than just readers.  You're a community of people who I greatly appreciate and rely on for feedback, input, suggestions, reviews, etc.  Your comments, input, the feedback you provide, the books of mine you share with others, all of that is greatly, greatly appreciated.  And you can rest assured that I will always have a listening ear to your comments and concerns because, while I do this for fun, I also do it to entertain you, bring a smile to your face, help you with life's troubles, or just give you the chance to escape for an afternoon and find freedom and happiness in the warm, inviting pages of a book.  So please, don't be afraid to share anything you wish with me.  I fully enjoy your feedback. :)

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