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Dark Earth

Transported to another dimension, Pendleton and his crew are thrown headlong into a battle with an alternate Earth; one who is dark, evil, and thirsty for conquest.  Faced with enemies all around and no way home, Pendleton must use his wits and cunning to undo the evil of the Sol Empire and restore this alien galaxy to peace once again.  But with limited resources, few allies and far from home, can he and his tiny fleet make a difference, or will they simply be brushed aside by the fires of war?

Series:   Earthfleet Expanded Universe
Release Date:   January 2013
ISBN:   978-1301422661 (ebook)
Price:   Ebook: $1.99, Print: Out of Print
Genre:   Military, Sci-Fi
Size:   74,400 words (ebook)
Keywords:   Scif, Action, Adventure, Military, Space Opera

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