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Writing Update: Status of the Pen for March 2022
Wednesday, March 30th, 2022 3:57am
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As it's been quite a while since I've written an post updating all of you on my current state of writing, I thought it was about time that I did that.  Anyhow, here's where things are right now.

Earthfleet: I'm currently in the middle of a heavy series of edits for my Earthfleet novels.  I'm currently done with the first four books, what was the original saga, and have pushed the changes out to Smashwords and other distribution points.  These changes are mostly just edits to fix grammar, spelling, sentence flow, and plug a few minor plot holes I found along the way.  I"m, right now, working on book 5, "First Dawn", and getting that one edited as well.  I hope to have that done no later than next week, hopefully.  This one is proving to need a bit more work than the others, as I've hit upon a couple of ugly plot holes.  But, those should be fixed soon, and the book released.  Dark Earth is next up, and should probably be done by the middle to end of April, depending on how quickly I get First Dawn sorted out, as well as the editing and cleanup of Dark Earth, as I know the latter has some ugly plot holes I still need to deal with that I never got around to fixing.

New Releases: I presently have two books on the docket for future release.  I was going to work on "The Unreachable Continent" and a few others before this.  But then decided to instead go with Weaver's Forge, and "The Specimen", since those are mostly completed, and just need some final cleanup and polish before shoving them out the door, and moving on to new worlds and new books.  No point having two ready to go novels sitting around collecting dust when I'm in a good position to release them.  I'm expecting, once the above mentioned editing is done, to start on Weaver's Forge first, and hopefully have that out by August.  The Specimen will then, baring anything unforeseen, come out sometime around November.  As for other future titles, well, we all know how well those plans hold up over time. ;)  So we'll see what I decide to do next.

And, that's all for this update.  stay tuned, as lots of great stuff is coming down the pipes soon.  I just don't know exactly what, or went, save for what I've already mentioned.

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