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Vision: The Silver Explosion
Monday, August 16th, 2021 11:11am
Keywords: Dream, Silver, Price, Explosion, Rise, Meteoric, Spike, Inflation

I had kind of an interesting Vision this morning.  I was just waking up, and was still laying in my bed waiting on my body to decide it was ready to climb out of bed too (trust me, getting old sucks, and getting up in the morning is getting harder by the year), and I remember laying there, wide awake, just kinda letting random thoughts wander through my mind. IE, none of them were anything special.  Suddenly I found myself literally sitting in front of my computer looking at this website:

What was interesting about it was that the graph showed the market opening in the early morning as usual (I didn't see an exact date of this chart, just that the markets had just opened, and it was morning), and it looked kinda quiet, and stable, and most of the graph lines were at the very bottom of the graphic. The blue and red lines, denoting the previous two days, were fairly stable, moving up and down by only a few cents, like everything was fine. The bottom of the chart showed silver at around $23. This is where the blue and green graph lines were.

Now, this is where it gets interesting. As soon as the green line, showing today's activity, appeared from the left, and hit the "London" market bar (look at the bars at the bottom) the line went almost straight upward and blew past $30 like it was sitting still. And the crazy part is, every time the graph updated, the price went higher, and higher, and higher. It just kept going through the bloody roof and was not stopping.

I then found myself back in my bed, once again trying to build up the energy to crawl out of bed.  The thing is, I don't see this as a dream.  I was literally picked up out of my bed, in the spirit, set down in front of my computer (which was off at the time), shown this sudden explosion in the price of of silver, and then put back into my bed.  Yet my body never left my bed, nor my head the pillow.  Despite this, everything I experienced was as real as anything I've ever experienced in the waking world.  So I get the feeling that something's getting ready to happen, and I think the Lord was showing me this to warn me.

What does the warning mean?  I have no ruddy idea.  All I was shown was what happened, not why, nor when, nor even what the consequences were.  Anyhow, take it for what it is. God showed me that for a reason, but I don't know why.  And again, I didn't feel any fear with this.  Just mostly curiosity as I watched it happen, especially since there was no explanation behind why it happened, only that it did, and the uptick was massive, and meteoric.  Also, if I was to peg a timeframe on how fast this uptick happened, I'd say it all happened within the spam of one hour or less.  Now that doesn't mean that the real event won't go longer.  I'm simply saying that's all I was shown.

If any of you guys are market experts, do you know what this means, or what that kind of a massive move would indicate?  The change in silver price was around 78% or so with no signs of stopping.  Again, I felt no fear, no worry, nothing.  Just curiosity at why this was happening, but that's it.  Anyhow, chew on this all you wish.  Plus, this is a weird time to get a vision like this as I very, very rarely get visions.  Dreams, yes, but not visions, and trust me, this was no dream as I didn't "wake up" from it.  I was already awake when this happened, so this solidly falls into the "vision" category.

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