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Saturday, May 18th, 2019 11:42am
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Howdy y'all!  Long time, no chat!  Like, since April! :P  But on a more serious note, how is everyone doing?  Sorry I haven't been too chatty on here, but I've been focusing most of my efforts towards Prophecy Index, social networks (mostly MeWe), and working on my new writing Wiki.  (What!?  No link from me!?  Sorry, no early access.  You're just gonna have to wait, lol).  Plus, as always, work keeps me really busy.  I've been able to secure a new editor for Offworld Chronicles 3, since my last one got too sick to work on it anymore.  So work is progressing on that one again, thankfully. :)  I know it's really rare for me to take this long to get a book released, but there's been all kinds of stuff getting in the way of its release.  My previous editor and I think that there's something in it that the Devil doesn't want out in the wild, so he's doing everything he can to stop it from being released as I don't release books without them first going through an editor.  Well, not anymore.  I used to, but I changed that habit for good reasons.

Now, as for the Wiki that I mentioned above, that's still a work in progress, and likely will be for a few more months.  I figured I could get that out in the wild pretty quickly.  But once I started populating it, I very quickly came to the discovery that it's going to be a LONG, drawn out process to populate everything.  For example, I completed the "summary" (and I state that in quotes, because the original "summary" was hardly a summary, but rather kind of a small book in itself.) and it ended up being about 1/10th of the original novel.  lol.  Yes, I suck at summarizing my books.  Well, I was finally able to get it down to about half that amount and then started populating links.  That was great and seemed pretty easy to do, as there was probably no more than 20-30 links of things I needed to fill in.  That, um, quickly grew to 150 new links and pages that needed populating, which I slowly whittled down, which of course spawned new pages, which also whittled down, which....well, you get the point. :P

Well, anyways, I'm still working on all the content generated by trying to populate this first book entry on the Wiki.  Now, with that being said, I'm also populating a LOT of the major characters from later books too during some of this in order to properly fill in all the new entries with all the required information.  And even then I'm likely gonna need to fill in more content later on down the road as more books are finalized and finished.  But, it will get things started for now.  Later on, once I'm further along with the Wiki, I'll populate the book entries for books 2-7, some with placeholders awaiting the release of the books (to avoid spoilers for those who haven't read it) and some with book summaries.  After that I need to begin populating out some of the other book listings on the site, including going through all my old Earthfleet novels (both the Original Saga and the Expanded Universe) and reading them again just to remember what in the world was in them so I can replace all the stuff I had in my prior Wiki that I lost when the old Wiki got lost somewhere in the digital ether.

Also, in other news, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, Facebook banned me again for telling the truth.  Yes, for telling the truth.  Look here and you'll see what I mean.

Yep, a 7 day ban because I merely stated a verifiable fact.  Israel bought their land, and thus they legally own it, meaning that any attempts by the Arabs to forcefully take it back amounts to theft.  So I got a ban for that.  Meh.  By now I'm not even bothered by this, and have kinda stopped caring.  I used to be mad, but now I'm not.  However, that doesn't mean I'm gonna let them get away with this.  Thanks to their nonsense, I am now making sure that the entire internet knows about this. :P  So, in a sense, by doing this stupidity, they've just created more shame for themselves.  I mean, think about it.  They have no issues letting Jihadis on their site scream "Death to Israel!", and yet I mention one simple, innocent, NOT HATE SPEECH factoid on their platform, and bam, I'm out.  And, of course, I'm not the only one they're doing this to.  They're doing it to anyone who is Christian, Conservative, or doesn't agree with the Leftist agenda.

But wait, didn't I leave there?  Yes, my primary area of operation now is MeWe.  However, I still maintain a presence there in order to communicate with a handful of people whom I have no other means by which to contact them.  Of course, at the rate I'm going, I won't even be able to do that.  But, meh, oh well.  Such is life.  Anyhow, back to the Wiki.  I'm putting as much time into it as I can right now, and I hope to have at least a base amount of information on there such that I can release it into the wild.  But I don't want to make it public until I'm satisfied that I've added sufficient content to make it worth having up there.  I mean, nobody likes an empty Wiki. :)  Now, as for the release date of "Gold Rush", OWC3, I'm not sure on that.  I'm expecting within a month at most.  After that, and after I get further into the Wiki, I'll restart work on OWC4, White Mountains, and hopefully have that available before the end of the year.  After that I'm going to *TRY*, and I state *TRY* to get back onto my 6 month release schedule.  Although, that I'm not totally sure about.  But it is one of my goals.

Anyhow, that's my latest update.  I'll post more as I have things to post.  For most of my day to day stuff, be sure to check me out over at MeWe (the link to my profile is on the contact tab of my about me page linked above).  If you're still looking for me over at Twitter, don't.  I've just flat abandoned them.  So I won't be doing anything over there anymore.  Anyhow, keep reading, keep dreaming, and I'll see you next time. ^_^

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