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Testimony: God's amazing healing power
Sunday, February 20th, 2022 3:22pm
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I've got a rather interesting testimony for all of you.  For those who don't already know, God promised me last year, around September, that He would be blessing me with the gift of healing, and quite powerfully too.  So, as a result, I've been practicing the gift, trying to get my mind around it, and how it works, so that when I'm eventually called to step out and begin doing this full time, as a ministry, I would be ready, and wouldn't be fumbling my way through this at a very critical time.  However, study, pray, practice and try as I might, my efforts have been, at best, disappointing.

I've tried praying for healing on myself, and on others, and had either limited results, or none at all.  Fast forward to today, and while listening to a Kent Christmas sermon, preached at his son's funeral, God opened my eyes to some of what He's been doing in that regard, which explains the odd series of back to back failures I've experienced, despite doing my best to step out in faith and get this gift rolling.  The TLDR on this is, the reason for all the failures is because it was training for me.  So, despite all the failures, it gave me a big boost of confidence knowing that it wasn't me doing something wrong per say, but rather God growing, testing me, and building my faith for the future.

Now, fast forward to today.  While folding my clothes, after doing laundry, my cat, who's almost 13, and has hip issues, (childhood injury.  he foolishly pulled down a couple of 2x10's onto himself while trying to play with a doily we told him not to touch.  of course, we all know how well cats listen, haha), decided he was going to jump onto the bed.  His first attempt was unsuccessful, and only got him halfway onto the bed before crashing back to the floor in pain.  His second attempt was worse, just barely getting off the ground, but not even getting half as close as before.

He then looked at me sadly and whined, clearly in pain, and unhappy he couldn't jump anymore due to his hip pain.  Realizing what was happening, I paused my laundry folding, walked over, gently grabbed his hips in my hand, so as not to hurt him any further, and prayed over him, asking for the Lord to heal my kitten.  To my surprise Hemi, my cat, was very patient as I did this.  The look on his face afterwards told me something had happened, so I invited him to try jumping up on the bed again.  At first he hesitated, unsure if he wanted to due to the prior pain.  But he eventually went for it.

My cat jumped so high, and so hard, that he almost launched himself over the bed, and off the other side!!  The look of shock and surprise on his face was completely worth it.  Sorta like, "how did that happen!?"  He's now bounding around like a little kitten again, feeling completely healed and pain free.  That's what makes this testimony so interesting is, before this my success rate with healing was mediocre at best, and the results kinda lackluster overall, despite God promising me a powerful, and I do mean powerful, sorta like "search light to the face" kinda powerful, healing ministry.

The fact that God used my cat, to build my confidence, knowing that, even if I fail, it's not me failing.  It's God's will being expressed, be that for total healing, partial healing, or not at all.  And, out of this neat little lesson my cat came out the winner, having had his hips healed.  Anyhow, just thought I'd share that with you all. :)

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