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Dream: Zombies, Healing, and Rebuilding A Nation
Sunday, September 12th, 2021 12:34am
Keywords: Dream, Zombies, Healing, Spiritual Gifts, Rebuilding, Nations, The Church, Revival

In this dream I remember finding myself in a major city. The city name isn't known, but it's a big metroplex like Detroit, Atlanta, etc. IE, it's a BIG city. The entire place looked like it'd been hit by a nuclear bomb. I mean, total devastation and destruction. About this time, hordes and hordes of zombies appeared and began to chase myself and a group of other friends, with the intent to eat us, or turn us into zombies like themselves. At first, those of us who were uninfected, and healthy, ran away from them as they chased us all over the place as we, at that moment, had no means of defending ourselves. All we could do was run. Eventually we escaped from them and were able to take shelter in this one building where we gathered together and began to talked amongst ourselves. As this was happening, I remember listening to the others as they discussed between themselves what they'd do about the zombies, as there was nothing we could do to stop them, and could only run away from them. But everyone that was there wanted to fight back. But not, like, kill all the zombies. They wanted to save all of them, but didn't know how to do that. They were at a complete loss as to what to do, a they had no power within themselves to change their circumstances.

Just then I stood up and said, "Hey, let's heal them, that way they'll no longer be zombies." They asked, "But how can we do that? We have no ability to heal." I then raised my hands, and everyone watched in amazement as they began to glowing brightly. As they did, I felt this incredible, unbelievable, overwhelming power flow through me. Just this tsunami level "whoosh" of power. I'm standing there like, "How about this?" as though my doing that was completely normal. In fact, it felt so natural to me that it kinda did feel normal, even though I'd never done anything like that before. Everyone who saw this was amazed. I then decided to try out my new ability. So one of the guys went out and captured a zombie (it was a super easy snag, as the zombie was an 80yo+ old man). So they bring him to me, and I reach out with my glowing hands in front of the old man (but not touching him to avoid being infected), and instantly he was transformed from this rotting, undead zombie, into a fully healthy old man. They then asked, "What else can you abilities do?" I said, "I think I can make people young again too." "Give it a try!" So I did. I put my hands on the old man, and willed him to be younger, and he immediately went from 80+ to 15yo in like, 3 seconds. I remember that it happened so fast, and its speed so caught me off guard, that I remember leaping back, and saying, "Whoa, that went faster than I expected!"

The others were like, "Why'd you make him so young?" to which I replied, "I've never done this before, so I had no idea it'd go that fast!" We then asked the old man if he wanted to be older (ie, not physically 15 anymore) again, and he's like, "Nope, I'm good. I like being 15 again." lol. So then the others, after we all laughed about this, asked one another, "It's great that he now has this ability. But what are we going to do since we don't have that ability?" I then dove into my list of super powers I knew about from comic books and such, and began reviewing the list thinking that, at the very least, one of those might be something that was a real part of my new healing super powers. To my surprise, there actually was several of those abilities that I did have. And it wasn't like, "Let me think of another ability or super power I want, and by doing so it'll become real." Rather, it was "What things do I know exist, or can exist, and let's see if I have that ability." So it wasn't wanting a power and getting it. This was simply knowing what things to look for, and finding out if I had them. Sorta like discovering new features on your car that you didn't know you had until someone told you they existed. It's kinda the same idea here.

Anyhow, when I reached inside myself, looking to see what else I had available to me, I found two more abilities that intrigued me. The first was similar to radar, in that it would allow me to reach out with my mind across a wide area, and locate whatever item I wanted to find. So I tried it, and immediately I saw a picture appear in my mind that grew more and more detailed the further out that I reached with this ability. Even more radar like was that the output from this ability appeared in front of me like a highly detailed, three dimensional radar image. With this ability, I found that the city was filled with zombies by the thousands. Yes, we already knew this from before. But my ability provided us with a far more detailed overview of what was out there. My guess is, the zombies, that filled the city, were the only survivors of the destruction of the city, aside from us, and who were turned into zombies in the aftermath, or perhaps because of the attack that destroyed the city. Another skill I discovered while digging within myself was a power sharing ability. Using this skill, I was able to share my power and abilities with the others, and give them the same skills that I had, but in miniature. This was evidenced by the fact that, when my powers were on, and operating at full power, I myself glowed like a small sun. Or, at the very least, a very, very bright light house. The others, to whom I shared my power, only had what I'd describe as a soft glow, or aura. So basically they were table lamp versions of my super light house. Anyways, now that we all had these powers, and could heal all the zombies, everyone left the shelter and went out into the city, and began healing the zombies. And we were healing them by the thousands.

People were being saved from being zombies so fast, we didn't know what to do with them all. However, to do this, we were forced to heal them at a distance. Sometimes that required running away from them, and staying a safe distance in front of them, while projecting healing energy towards each person needing healing until they became dezombified and returned to being normal humans again. And it wasn't as if we were scared of them. We did that so that the zombies couldn't touch us. Because, if they did, they'd infect us, and we'd become zombies just like them, and lose our powers. So it was more a personal safety thing, rather than a fear thing. IE, we didn't want to become infected by the zombies and lose everything. Another wild thing I remember seeing was that some zombies were so far gone, so hopeless, so physically dead already that, even when we healed them, and turned them back into normal humans again, they would fall down dead, as their souls had already left their bodies. So, even though we healed them, and turned them back into normal humans, they were already too far gone to save. Once we healed everyone in the city who were zombies, we began the process of rebuilding everything.

The city was still completely trashed, as was the entire world, but that didn't stop us as we worked really hard to put that city back together, and were fortunate enough to have a working generator (a nuke plant, I think, or maybe something else, I'm not sure) that provided power to the city, and the resources we needed to rebuild (it was a power plant that sorta doubled as a resource vending machine, providing whatever we needed, be that food, water, lumber, electricity, etc), at which point we got busy rebuilding. However, even though we'd healed all the zombies in the city, the world was still filled with other zombies who were outside the city roaming around, many of whom tried to invade the city, and kill/infect all of us that were sheltered there. So we setup guards around the perimeter to heal those zombies who came to us, that we had the ability to heal, and the rest that came were shot dead. (by now you could tell which of the zombies could be saved, and which ones were a lost cause, kinda like the zombies that were healed, and immediately became dead human corpses) So, as part of this working defense, myself and a friend went up on top of a hill, just outside the city, that overlooked the city's farmlands, as it presented a great view of a nearby road, allowing us to defend the city against any zombies that approached it from that direction. I remember we had rifles with us, and more than sufficient ammo, to defend the city.

We also had gone up there to do some repair work on some equipment that was up there. So, while we did that, we also wore our battle gear, complete with guns, ammo, and various necessities that a soldier would typically bring with them. So kinda like Nehemiah, who rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, while having to fight off enemies who would attack them, we were doing the same thing. Kinda, "wrench, hammer, shoot, wrench, hammer, shoot, rinse, repeat." Honestly, it wasn't that bad of a duty, and the constant having to switch back and forth between the two helped with the monotony of guard duty. The only problem was, we were so high up above the farmland, and the surrounding area, that we were having to regularly make 300-400 meter shots at these zombies as we worked. Like, really long "reach out and touch someone" kinda shots. And, for anyone who's a marksman, you're probably very recognizant of just how hard it is to successfully hit a target, that's no bigger than a melon (according to movie lore, headshots are the only way to kill a zombie), at 400 yards. Even hitting something that big at 300 yards ain't that easy. It's even harder to do with open sights, which is all we had. As such it'd take me 5-6 shots per zombie just to knock one down, which got super annoying. So I decided to descend the hill and get close to where they were coming across into our land, hoping to greatly improve my success rate by engaging them at close range. However, instead of taking my buddy with me, I went down in the valley alone, figuring that only one of us needed to go.

That was a REALLY, REALLY bad idea. Long story short, because of this I lost all my gear, my rifle, I got stabbed, got beatup, and had some other pretty gnarly things happened to me too, and all because I went down into the valley alone instead of staying on the hilltop, and all because I wanted to get close up, easier shots, that would save ammo, and be less work. I mean, yeah, I did successfully deal with the zombies, and got quite a good body count, but man, I came out of that whole thing WAY worse than I should've. If I'd just stayed on the hilltop like I was supposed to, and had simply kept doing what I was doing, even though it would've cost me more ammo, I'd have come away from it WAY better than I did by going into the valley, and wouldn't have suffered all the bad stuff that I did, nor lost some very important items that hurt others in the process, as that loss was huge, on a community level scale, rather than just a personal one, and was massively impactful for everyone in a highly negative way. So yeah, lesson learned. IE, stay on the hilltop, even if hitting the target is harder to do because, if you go down into the valley, it'll just make it worse for everyone, and not just you. Anyhow, that's the dream.


My thoughts on this dream, if I can summarize them, would be this. And yes, I know that the above description doesn't appear to be a summarized version of the dream. But, trust me, that truly is a super cliffnoted version of the dream. This dream itself went on for HOURS, with MASSIVE amounts of events and details, which I have graciously summarized for you. The dream ran for the better part of half the night, at the very least. So what you got was indeed the 5c tour of everything that happened. Anyhow, here's my thoughts. The city is the world, destroyed by sin, the zombies are the unsaved who are deceived. Myself and my friends are Christians, but we have no power against the world (ie, due to sin in our own lives, prayerlessness, cowardice, etc) so we hide in our safe space (ie, church) and talk about how to undo this tragedy. At some point God moves on the church in revival (ref, the healing powers) and it starts with one person and moves out from there.

I also see this kinda being a nod to the giving/helps ministry that God has promised me. IE, he gives me a lot of resources (the huge, brilliant light, and OP super powers), and then those redistributed out to other believers (ref, they have lesser versions of the power I have). There is also some practice and demonstration of what these gifts can do, and their insane, OP abilities. (ref, the old man made young, zombies healed, etc) So salvation, healing, restoration, etc. Once we have a handle on what we all can do, we head out, and start healing all the zombies in the city until they're all healed. The only part I'm stumped on is why some that get dezombified become corpses. It's sorta like being a zombie was the only thing keeping them alive. It almost makes me think of a saying about some of the mega churches where people would say, "I'm only here for the coffee," but weren't really saved, and only had the illusion of life. (ie, a healed, intact body, but it's dead) After everyone is saved, we then set about rebuilding the city.

To me, that's the church, on the backside of, or maybe during, the coming super revival, rebuilding the world to be God fearing, and Christian centered. However, just because we saved everyone in the city, the enemy keeps sending his minions (the zombies) which we post guards to watch for and defend against. But we have to do it in a Nehemiah way. IE, fight with one hand, build with the other. We also, by this time, have learned to know, to use the earlier illustration, "who's coming there to get saved, and who's just there for the coffee." The horrible experience in the valley, from what I could best tell, was an object lesson to me. Stay on the hill (ie, do it Christ's way) and don't go into the valley (trying to win the lost the "easy" worldly way) or you'll come away the worse for it, and will hurt others. Stay on the hill (ie, do it the way Christ wants it done, not how the world does it), even if it's not easy, and you'll always come out the better for it, and so will everyone else.

Anyhow, that's my dream, and how I understand it. I think this was meant to be educational to me about what's coming up, how my portion of this will play out, some of my roll in that time of revival, and the things NOT to do during this time. It may be wise for all of you to take note on this as well, and stay on the mountain of Christ through all of this. :)

EDIT: The more I've thought about this dream, the more I'm wondering if this is more than just my original interpretation, and instead points to a wider understanding when viewed in the context of the church.  Those who are zombies are those who were infected by the enemy (ie, Satan), some of whom are found to be alive after being healed, and some dead (ie, the saved, and the unsaved, the latter who are wolves in sheep's clothing, or just pretending to be saints).  That would also explain why, when one of us would get infected, we'd lose our healing powers, and wouldn't regain them until we too were healed.  Ie, you get infected by Satan's lies (although that "infection" could be sin, or something else) you lose the power of God until you're healed again (repentance, revival, etc).  The zombies we're watching and guarding against, and having to take down at range (ie, on the hilltop) are the enemy's efforts, using his minions, to recapture the city (ref, the church) that he once had conquered (via apostasy, apathy, sin, etc), and is able to make such attacks on us as we're busy rebuilding the city and the wall to keep them out.  (ref Nehemiah)  I'm not saying that's the right one, but it could certainly be one of several.

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