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Some interesting dreams to share
Wednesday, October 30th, 2019 10:23am
Keywords: Dream, Travel, Lost, Kentucky, St. John, Prophetic, Attacked, Defended, Home

As some of you know, I periodically get interesting prophetic dreams (mostly stuff for me, as I don't think I've gotten anything really wide ranging or corporately prophetic that I can think of) from God that tell me about myself, my life, what's happening around me, inside me, etc.  Well, anyways, recently God gave me two dreams within a few days of each other and, while I haven't decoded them yet, I figured to share them with you guys in case someone might have some ideas about the meanings.  So anyhow, here they are:

Far From Home

It starts out with me going down a large 8 lane highway.  Traffic was it's usual local type, the "why is everyone trying to kill me!?" kinda maniac driving that so regularly happens around here, lol.  Yes, everyone around here becomes insane when they get behind the wheel.  haha.  Anyhow, as I'm driving I soon realize, I have no idea where I am.  So I start trying to find an exit so I can get my bearings again, as I'm obviously lost.  Interestingly enough, before I can find an exit, the highway comes to an end at a smaller 4 lane country highway.  As I pull up to the intersection, I'm in the center right lane, and as soon as traffic clears, I turn right.  But again, nothing looks familiar.  So I go to the first traffic light and turn right again, heading somewhat back in the direction I came from.  I drive for a ways like this on this darkening, winding, two lane country highway.  Eventually I find some people who I hope can give me directions, and then pull off the road.  As I get out of the car, I call my mom and we talk, and I mention that I'm out somewhere on a back road, I'm lost, don't have my Garmin, but as soon as I figure out where I am, I'll be home.

I then walk over to this one guy, who was a tow truck drive that was loading up a broken down car, and I ask him, "Where am I?" and he says "Kentucky" and says it with sorta of a sly grin, but says nothing else.  I'm now in even more shock, and I ask, "Kentucky!?  Like, in the state?"  He nods, then gets back to work loading up the car.  I then walk over to a couple kids nearby and ask them, "Where am I?" somewhat not believing the tow truck drive.  One of the young boys says, "St. John."  I reply, "St. Johns?" and he nods, "Yeah, St. John."  Knowing where St. Johns (Michigan) is, I say, "Oh good!  Tell me how to get to 127 and I can get home to Lansing from there."  As soon as I say this, I get the deer in the headlights look from him.  He then replies, "You mean Michigan?"  I nod.  "Um, sir, you're in St. John, Kentucky," he continues.  So again, confirmation of Kentucky.  I then realize I'm WAY far from my home and have no idea how I get back there.  Realizing I've likely got a LONG drive ahead of me, I check my wallet and find out I've got a handful of 1's and 5's, but no credit card, so gas is gonna be tight getting home, but I'm like, "I guess I'll have to trust the Lord that this'll be enough."

    I then discuss this with the young boys and they agree to help me get home, or at least out to the highway so I can find my own way home.  They just need to get me a map, as my current one (A state of Michigan map) isn't going to work for this situation.  One of them then runs off to grab one for me.  The Dream ends.

Attacked At Home/Defending My Home

I was at my old house in the country, and was standing outside in the rear, where I was talking with a friend while loading magazines for my AR15 (there was a possible threat in the area, so we were arming up) and soon completed the work.  Not long after this, some kids approached my house and were acting very suspiciously as they did.  One of them soon threatened me and tried to take my stuff.  IE, rob me of some valuable possessions.  I drew my AR on him, flipped the safety off, put my finger on the trigger (I already had a round in the chamber), and said, "Leave or I shoot."  At first he ignored me, so I said it several more times, and he eventually did as I told him to. The others that were with him, upon seeing the AR, bolted for the hills, leaving just him to deal with.  Even so, I kept one eye out for them while directing him to leave the area, still keeping him at gunpoint.  Once he was clear of the area, I checked to be sure there were no other dangers, and that his friends hadn't returned, and then watched him as he moved away.  

As he did, he made a textbook move as though he was looking for a place to take cover and hide out so he could circle back around and sneak up on me from behind.  Seeing this, I cracked off two shots in his direction, aiming them purposely into the dirt next to him (he was about 200-300 yards out at this point) to get his attention. They weren't meant to hit him, but were intentionally fired to the side to make him realize that I knew what he was up to and to just keep walking, which he did as he immediately abandoned his plans and headed off into the distance as fast as he could. I then swept the area to be sure it was clear (which it was) before standing down.  The dream ends.

Anyhow, that's my two dreams that I'm sharing with you that I had recently.  Feel free to share them, talk about them, and decode them if you can. :)

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