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Dream: The White House, A Movie and Popcorn
Thursday, February 18th, 2021 11:12am
Keywords: Dream, Prophetic, Revival, Soul Harvest, Massive, Overwhelming, Powerful, Soon

I had a dream last night, that I want to share with all of you. Not because it was yet another dream, but rather because of its contents. Especially in light of everything we're seeing right now. Anyhow, this is the dream. It started out with me standing in front of the White House late at night. From what I was made to understand, the entire world (not just DC) was in total darkness due to a power outage, and people were scared, panicking, there was robing and looting, chaos, fear, terror, hunger, etc, etc. Basically the world was going to Hell in a hand basket.  The odd part was, despite the entire world being dark, the entire White House, and the surrounding grounds, were fully lit, and bathed in light.

Since there was no power anywhere else in the world, I decided to find out how they somehow had power and lights, yet nobody else did. Turns out they had two great big diesel generators, one on either side of the White House, supplying power to it. My first thought was, "YAY! They've got power, even though we don't." Then my thought changed as I realized that, wait, there's hundreds of other people standing here with me, and nobody else has power. So its not much of a stretch to think that someone would come in and steal those generators, and then nobody would have light or power. I then remember looking at the generators, and realized that they were surrounded by tall, secure fences, and nobody could get near them.

So the generators were safe, and nobody could touch them, or take them away. I then went inside the White House with several other people.  When I got there, I looked outside, and noticed that there was a movie playing. Everyone, but the handful of people with me, were outside watching that film with rapt attention. Don't ask me what was playing as I couldn't see the movie. All I knew was that it was being projected on the blackened sky, and everyone was watching it. Literally, everyone's eyes were glued to that movie, on the edge of their seats, and nobody cared anymore that it was dark out, or that they were cold, hungry, etc. At least not that I could tell.

Of course, at the same time, I was inside, with the curtains drawn, so I couldn't know that for sure, but that was my best guess based on what I was able to see. Anyhow, the people I was with in the White House took time while the movie was playing, and prepared to serve popcorn to the crowd once the movie was over. There was no cost to it, and everyone was to get one bag of popcorn each. Once we were ready, we sat down to rest while we waited for the movie to finish and discussed how many "patrons" we expected to show up once the movie ended.  The majority of those in our small group thought that, "nah, we'll be lucky to get 3000 people", where another said, "It'll be no more than 5000."

I was one of two people who said it'd be higher than that. When asked how much I thought it would be, I replied, "It'll be at least 20,000 people", and one other guy said, "it'll be north of 50,000" people. The others laughed at both of us, pointing to how "right" they were (the ones who predicted only about 3k-5k patrons), and how wrong we were, and that they'd be proven right as soon as the movie ended. Well, a few minutes later the movie ended. Realizing it was time to serve the popcorn, we opened up the White House to begin passing out the popcorn. When we opened up, I remember seeing the front of the building transform into something akin to a concession stand where food and drinks were sold. Everyone who'd been watching the movie then came rushing over to where we were to get their popcorn, and wow, what a crowd!!  We got absolutely swamped!!

Literally, so many people came to get their bag of popcorn that we couldn't keep up with demand and quickly began running out of popcorn, and the little bags to put it in.  The ones serving the people who'd come for their popcorn were pretty much redlining production just trying to keep up. I remember they were putting popcorn kernels and butter into the machines by the literal shovel full (picture them using grain shovels), and it was coming out the other side in great big waves of popped popcorn that others were bagging up and giving to people as fast as they could.  In doing so they went through our initial stash of supplies like they were draining a swimming pool with the fuel pumps from the Space Shuttle. (if you don't get the reference, the Space Shuttle fuel pumps could empty an Olympic sized swimming pool in 11 seconds)

The irony of this is, the initial stash of supplies we had on hand to serve those coming from the movie would've been just enough for the first 5000 people.  Had it not been for the brilliant foresight of one of the other people, who were there with us, who'd actually ordered and picked up supplies sufficient enough to feed at least 50k+ people, we would've run out supplies long before serving even a 5th of the crowd. And I'm not sure if that person was the one who predicted the 50k+ patrons, or if it was instead someone else who'd remained silent when the others had mocked. Personally, I suspect they were one of the quiet ones who didn't say anything, as I don't remember seeing them until they showed up with the much needed extra supplies.

And trust me, they were a sight for sore eyes when they arrived with those extra supplies, because we blew through our initial stash like a popcorn fart.  Anyhow, the dream ended there. And, while I didn't see everyone who'd come for the popcorn get served the bag they were each supposed to get, the guys doing the serving were doing a bangup job of getting everyone served as quickly as possible. Oddly enough, I don't remember them feeling at all chagrined at having gotten the number of expected patrons wrong, nor did the other gentleman and I gloat about being more right than they were. We merely saw a need, and we did our best to fill it, and did so as quickly as possible.  In fact, the more I think about it, and the more I remember their faces, the more I get the feeling they weren't feeling chagrinned because they were too happy and excited that they had gotten it wrong, and that things had turned out 10x's better, or more, than they'd actually predicted.

My Interpretation

I'm only offering my 2c on this as a "best guess" based on other dreams that God has given me, and to help you understand the dream, as I think this one is for ALL of us.  So here's my take.  The blackout, the chaos, the hopelessness, that's an apt description of the world as we know it, as there is no power or light in the world.  The White House represents power.  Like the president is in charge of the USA, God is in charge of all creation.  So that's a symbol of political power, in the same way as what's held by a king.  The light is the light of God shining out onto a dark world.  I think the two generators surrounded by the security fence is saying that God's power is secure and sure, and nobody can take it away.

The "movie, I'm not exactly sure what to make of that.  One interpretation of that is that movies can be used to show you something important, or bring you important information you need to know.  In this case it could refer to the giving of the gospel to the world.  Since myself and others were inside the White House preparing to serve those who were watching the movie, I think those outside represent the unsaved, the movie represents the Gospel message, and those inside were those who were already saved, who were "in God" and "in Christ Jesus".  AkA, they were saved.  The preparation of the popcorn was interesting too.  I think that has several meanings.

Popcorn is symbolic of something "sudden".  However, popcorn is also food.  Think about the feeding of the 5000 by Jesus.  Remember the one guy who said, "it probably won't be more than 5000"?  I think that was a nod in that direction.  Those of us inside the house were giving 1 bag each to everyone who was coming to us from outside the house.  Now, I could go into a long explanation of what I think the feeding of the 50k+ people means, and doing it with popcorn.  However, I think I will summarize this and make it easy for everyone to understand.

I think that movie is going to be God waking up the world by sharing with them with a powerful truth (or truths) that will get their attention in a way they can't ignore.  They will then turn to God (ref: White House) for the gift of Salvation, and will be both saved, and given spiritual food to help them grow quickly.  We, the servants of God, who are already saved, and inside the house, will be told to prepare for this time (I see this fact as being past tense, as we're just minutes or seconds from the movie ending) so that we can serve God by serving others in this time of great and massive revival.  And yes, I see the crowds coming to the White House as symbolic of a massive revival.

However, it'll be a revival that will be so huge, easily 10x's what the most open minded of believers (Save for two.  Ref: 10 bad spies, and two good in Exodus) think it will be, and it will be so massive that it will overwhelm us and our meagerly prepared supplies.  And I'm not thinking that this is referring strictly to physical preparations, although that will be part of the equation for sure.  Instead, I see this as pointing or referring primarily to our spiritual preparation, as the popcorn, to me at least, seems entirely spiritual, vs physical.  Again, physical things can be involved, but I think that's only a tiny percentage of the greater scope of things that God will ask and require of us.

And, before anyone complains about my reference of the 10 bad spies vs the 2 good ones, with me being one of the good ones, I'd ask that you consider this.  Even *I* lowballed the total number.  I expected around 20k.  We blew past 50k without a problem.  The anonymous saint who said it would be over 50k was the only one of us who was right, and I believe who had the faith to believe that God would go big on this revival.  So not a little revival, or one that hits a few nations, or a few people, or even a continent or two like the last revival.  Case in point.  The coming global pre-trib revival.  I was one of those who predicted only about 150-300m people being saved tops.  Some others are predicting in excess of 2 billion.  20k vs 50k+.  Starting to see the picture here?

So anyways, my take on this is that God is sorta "red pilling" the world right now, and is setting the groundwork for the soon coming revival that He will bring to pass, and when that movie ends, you are going to get, what we jokingly, in the tech world, call a "firehose to the face" event of such magnitude that it will leave us in shock and awe, and those of us who doubted (I confess that, in the dream, despite saying we'd get around 20k, I sided with the ones who said we'd only get 5k, and prepared accordingly, so I'm just as guilty in that respect as they were), and didn't sufficiently prepare, will be caught flat footed with insufficient supplies and resources for the sheer tidal wave of people who will be coming to us.

Thankfully, for those of us who did under prepare, God will be providing special people with the necessary faith and insight to have the extra supplies for us that we need when the time is right.  Now, that doesn't mean we can just sit back on our laurels and let God make up for our shortcomings due to our lack of faith.  We need to step out, and trust God, and get ready, because I think that movie I saw in my dream is just about to end, and when it does, we are going to see the biggest soul harvest this world has ever witnessed, and it's not going to be just a handful of souls.  It's going to be absolutely massive.

In fact, even if we can't somehow see, or believe that God would save 2 billion souls from this world throughout this coming revival, and third great awakening, we should still prepare accordingly.  Because, God is a rewarder of the faithful, and we need to trust that He can do miracles above and beyond all that we can imagine.  So let's trust Him for that, shall we? :)

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