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Dream: The Vaccine of the Beast
Wednesday, June 9th, 2021 1:40pm
Keywords: Dream, Vaccine, Death, Flight, Persecution, Tribulation, The Beast, Revelation

The dream starts out with me in high school.  I'm sitting in a class with my other classmates, and we're in like a computer class with others going over our personal computers, printers, etc.  IE, it was sort of a tech nerds party, but in high school.  During this, they tell everyone to gather in the classroom for some instruction.  However, as we're there, I end up making my way through my other classmates, who are talking about rumors of a forced vaccination of everyone.  Some are against it, but most are for it.  Even the teachers seem interested in forcing this on us saying, "You can not buy or sell without the vaccine."  Seriously, no joke.  And, those of us who refused would be jailed, and possibly executed for not taking it.  We also come to understand that anyone who takes this vaccine will die.

So myself, and my two siblings (one brother, one sister) head for the door, and work our way through the hallways and out of the building just as agents from the government come in the door to begin rounding everyone up to forcefully vaccinate them.  So we sneak across town to our house and go into hiding there.  However, realizing we escaped their forced vaccination efforts, the government agents come to our house to vaccinate us there.  Mom locks us into safe rooms, and confronts the government officers who are trying to vaccinate her children.  They try to jab her, but she refuses.  So they kill her, and then start searching the house for us.  Being in the locked rooms, we realize that they'll eventually find us, break down the doors, and then kill us for refusing the vaccine.

So, using specially made emergency escape chutes in the back of each room we escape outside.  The government agents are still inside the house, and going down the street, and because it's dusk, they don't see us escape as they're too busy force vaccinating everyone, and killing anyone who refuses it.  We then split up and go separate directions to minimize the impact should one or two of us get found.  I head straight out into a field behind the house, and follow a deer trail that goes along a fence row filled with trees.  However, as I'm running I stumble onto a platoon of army men and women practicing warfare.  Realizing I'm at risk of being discovered, I hit the ground and play dead.  The soldiers complete their practice, and then start spreading out to hunt down all those who reject the vaccine, and kill them.

Up to this point, despite the dream being about vaccines, it's reading like a page out of Revelation, except that the "Mark" is a vaccine, rather than a chip.  Anyhow, as the soldiers spread out, one of them finds me lying behind a bush pretending to be dead.  Yet he knows I'm not.  So I'm completely freaked out like, "Yep, I'm dead, they found me."  Instead, he puts his hand on my back and starts to speak a Godly blessing over me, which gave me peace.  I realize that he's actually a Christian, and a good guy hiding in the midst of the evil murdering army soldiers. (ps, this is no knock on the US Army, or its soldiers.  This is merely detailing what I saw.  Also, this "army" seemed civilian.  Military weapons were in use, but not by actual military soldiers.)

About this time another soldier appears and shoots the guy praying the blessing over me.  I even felt the bullet whiz over my back, and the muzzle blast of the gun as if it were real.  He then gloats, and says, "Our mission to root out the enemy has succeeded," referring to the Christian soldier whom he'd just shot as being the "enemy".  However, I soon come to realize that this one bullet isn't enough to kill the Christian man.  He's down, but not out.  The evil man who shot him soon turns his attention to me, and realizes that I'm not actually dead.  So he turns his gun on me as if to kill me, but is briefly distracted by the wounded Christian soldier.  Realizing it's now or never, I roll over, aim the palms of my hand at the enemy soldier, and fire a blast of light and energy at him that literally vaporizes his face, and completely takes his head off, killing him instantly.

I then turn to the Christian soldier who, while wounded, is okay, and the injury is just minor.  He then takes me over to where his family is hiding, and I join him, and his girlfriend there.  We end up moving into an abandoned campground with little wooden cabins that we setup shop in.  The place still has power, and can be occupied at any time.  But, because of the "plague" (which is why they were forcing everyone to get vaccinated), it is forbidden from being operated.  For a while we have safety and shelter there, plenty of food, and divine protection.  However, after several near misses of being possibly discovered (God divinely protects us, and prevents discovery, despite one guy driving up and literally beating on doors and rattling door handles), we end up climbing into a car and fleeing the place.

As we're driving, we pass near Niagara Falls.  But, as we're driving past there, a truck comes out of nowhere and smashes our car ands it over the side and in jeopardy of plunging into the falls.  I then see things (really starting from the moment we left in the car) go into 3rd person, and the man and his girlfriend are beaten up badly by the crash, pretty much near death at this point from their injuries, and the car is totaled.  Myself, I'm thrown into a whirlpool near the falls and sucked down under the water to be drowned.  However, I see this divine hand reach down and pluck me out of the water, then lay the three of us side by side by the side of the falls, and He (I think it was God, but not sure) heals us, and then transports us, without a car, to this rest stop of sorts.

At this point I return to a first person participation in the dream.  Once at the rest stop we meet this couple who, at first, feels suspicious to me and like they may be our enemy.  But then the man, and his girlfriend, introduce themselves and I find that we're safe.  I'm also reunited with my two siblings there too.  We soon come to realize that this is just one stop along an "Underground Railroad" of sorts who protect Christians, and go to great lengths to hide them, while doing so at great risk to themselves, staying visible in the public eye for as long as they can to make themselves as effective at this as they can.  They then give us of a portion of their supplies, as we lost all of ours in the car crash, and then send us on our way to a new safe house.  The dream ends there.

This dream itself sounds a LOT like how the events of Revelation might play out, but with a more "current day" kind of feel.  I don't know what the interpretation of it would be, only that it had a Book of Revelation feel to it, and perhaps a taste of what the Tribulation Saints might go through.  I don't know what the purpose of the dream is beyond that.  As best I can think it may have something to do with the teaching dream I was given called "The Preparation and the Doors to Hell."  Also, for those who are wondering, I don't know why it was a vaccine, or even what it was for.  I only know that, you either took that vaccine, or they jailed you until you did.  But in most cases, if you refused it, or tried to protect anyone else who refused to take it, they would kill you. No questions asked.  Just summary execution on the spot.  Hence my title for this dream, as it reads like the same things they'll do to anyone during the Tribulation who refuses to take the Mark of the Beast.

Another point to make is that, the more I think about it, the more I remember seeing myself going between first and third person a lot, almost as though the "me" in the dream wasn't actually "me", but rather I was both observing, and actively participating (or, at the very least being allowed to experience) what the actual primary participant in the dream was experiencing.  So, sorta like watching a movie, with periodical first person perspectives to give you a more hands on experience, and to better understand what the main protagonist of the dream was experiencing, without actually being them.  Also, one last note.  The name of the dream is a play on "The Mark of the Beast", as it kinda plays out with the same idea, and end result.

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