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Dream: The Tank, the Battle, and the Preparation
Saturday, January 23rd, 2021 2:01am
Keywords: Dream, Army, Battle, Spiritual, Enemy, Tank, Seventeen, Big Weapons, Fight, Boom Stick

Hey everyone, I just wanted to throw out this short little dream I had a couple nights ago.  I almost forgot about it, but I didn't want it to slip away from me as I think it relates to another recent dream I had.  Anyways, for those of you who know of my other dream called Zombie Attack and Castle Defense you'll remember the fight that went on in that one.  Well, I think this is an extension of that, or a possible continuation.  Anyhow, here's the dream, and it wasn't a long one.  So I think it was just reinforcing the first dream.

Anyhow, in my dream I'm in this building, sorta like a automotive garage or storage building.  As I'm standing there a friend rolls up with a tank.  Not just any tank.  This was an M60 Patton tank.  IE, it's not a little pea shooter.  This is a big beast of a tank that will inflict lots of bad days on anyone who gets in its way.  Anyhow, he asks, "Are you ready to go?" and I reply, "Not yet.  Give me 15-25 minutes to finish getting ready."  He replied, "Okay," and sat waiting in the idling tank.  I then hurried to get ready.  Once I finished, which was about 17 minutes later (for you Q followers, take note of that number), I jumped onto the tank with him (he was in the gunner's seat, and I was in the loader's seat, but I don't know who was driving, or who was commanding.  I only knew for certain about myself and my friend.) and as soon as we were inside the turret hatches, we took off and headed to town.

My interpretation of this, and I may be wrong, is that it's God showing me the next phase of what is about to happen.  So let me break this down in a way that makes this understandable.  In the first dream, we had a small, under strength platoon, limited ammo, and nothing really big.  The biggest thing we had was a couple M2's (aka the Ma-Deuce 50cal) and the rest of the weapons were pistols and M4's/M16's.  So, basically small weapons, small ammo, difficult to defend location, etc.  IE, we were in a position of weakness, but God gave us the victory.  After that we took the fight to the enemy, but only went with our small arms.  From an infantry perspective, the M2's and the rifles were respectable, although somewhat light on the firepower side.  From a battle field perspective, even with the M2's, we didn't have a lot of firepower.

Now that I've given you a quick overview of where we've come from, let me fast forward to this new dream.  In the dream a friend (no name, identity, face, etc.  Just "a friend", likely meaning it was the Holy Spirit, or possibly Jesus.) brought a tank to my location (warehouse/garage/starting point/supply point) and asked if I was ready, of which I wasn't.  Now, to pause briefly here, and put this in perspective.  Compared to the first dream, and when viewed from a battlefield perspective, a tank is a HUGE upgrade from the small arms we started out with in the first dream.  For those of you who don't know what an M60 Patton is, I suggest doing a little reading so you get a better perspective.  And, despite being old, an M60 is still a beast of a tank and can do a ton of damage, as that 105mm main gun is no joke.  That thing will ruin your day real fast if you're ever unfortunate enough to be on the business end of one.

Anyhow, my friend asked "are you ready?" and I said, "not yet, I need 15-25 minutes", with the final prep time being 17 minutes.  I think this is a nod to all the preparation God did for us through the Q movement.  Now, I'm not 100% saying that's the interpretation, and that's what that means, but that's my take on it.  Anyhow, at the end of 17 minutes I climbed aboard the tank, and we "went to town."  For any of you who know the old phrase "he went to town", you know it means, obviously, that someone "went to a literal town".  But it also means that they "went all out, and give it their all."  Given the tank, and other things I saw in the dream, I take the latter as the correct interpretation.  So, basically, the way I'm taking this, wherever we're going with that tank, it's going to be epic, because we're going to take that fight (maybe literally, maybe spiritually, maybe figuratively, I don't know, I wasn't told) and we're bringing WAY more firepower with us this time than before.

But, with that bigger "boom stick", if you notice, there's also less of us.  The first time was with small arms and 45 guys.  The second time is with a single tank, and four crewmen.  No supporting infantry, other tanks, planes, etc.  Now, here's one other thing I want to point out, that I didn't mention in the first dream.  In that first dream, the place where we were, where that castle was, was hot, dry, and desert like.  The new location was green, lush, and covered in trees and vegetation, sorta like it was late spring in the country.  Not quite summer, but definitely not spring either.  So, I see a message in that as well, with us not only going bigger, but needing fewer, and everything is greener and full of life, birds singing, etc.  Now, as for where that tank is going, all I know is it was leaving to face the enemy.

What enemy specifically?  I don't know.  Your guess is as good as mine as I wasn't told.  I'm just sharing what was shared with me, and what I remember.  Also, I remember that the "we're going to town" part at the end, that kinda had two meanings.  The primary one was "we're going all out, balls to the wall, maximum firepower forward into battle", and the other was a literal town.  I didn't see the town itself as the road we were on (fresh paved, single lane, unmarked blacktop, like a private road) kinda disappeared into the distance and out of sight.  But for a brief moment, as though either being shown something, or else picturing in my mind what it was, I saw a town.  Not a big one.  Probably a village of a few hundred people at most.  But it seemed like that was our destination.  Plus, based on what I saw, I get the feeling this isn't all of it, and that there's still more to come.  However, this is all I've been given so far.

So what does this tell me?  Well, whatever this battle is, physical, spiritual, figurative, all of the above, some, or none, it seems like it's saying that, whatever is happening, is happening soon, we'll be going on the offensive, and we'll be bringing a big armored boom stick with us that will super charge our fight.  Now, if the "friend" who was faceless and unnamed really was the Holy Spirit, then wow, that M60 "boom stick" tank, despite having no support, and only 4 crew, is going to be rolling into probably the enemy's camp and laying down some major hurt.  The fact that I climbed into the loader's seat, instead of either the gunner or the commander's (my friend might've gotten into the commander's seat, I'm not sure.  I wasn't shown that.  All I know is he got in the commander's hatch, which is also how you get to the gunner's position), to me at least, both points to what I might be doing in this upcoming "battle" of sorts, which also fits with my gifting.

And what gifting is that?  Helps.  Just like a loader in a tank supplies the main gun with shells to be fired, helps supplies other people in the body with the things they need to do their job, be it administration, preaching, evangelism, etc.  IE, where they're calling the shots, driving the "tank", or aiming and firing the main gun, it's my job to supply them with everything they need to make the important stuff happen.  IE, I'm logistics, for lack of a better term.  So yeah, there's plenty on this short, but highly loaded with symbolism, dream I had.  Please feel free to read through it and make your own assessment.  However, I at least wanted to share with you my thoughts on this.

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