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Dream: The Storm, the Tent and the Wallet
Wednesday, March 30th, 2022 3:25am
Keywords: Dream, Money, Storm, Tent, Barn, Wallet, Journey, Friends

The dream begins with myself and three other friends at a warehouse location.  Who the friends are is not known, only that they're friends.  Hearing and sensing that a storm is coming, we go inside this empty, somewhat run down, red pole barn to seek shelter.  However, the roof has holes in it, and it leaks.  So I setup this large dome tent I was carrying in a corner of the barn, and we shelter there.  However, we still don't feel safe as the front and rear doors of the barn are still open, and wind is whipping through the building.  I soon advise the others to close and lock the two doors as I'm worried that, not only could the storm winds cause issues, but we might also have some unwanted predators show up and attack us.

So the others did that, and then returned to the tent.  To secure the tent, we close only the screen door, through which the winds are blowing rain into the tent.  We only left it open for the fresh air, and decide to, instead, close the inner rain flap too, and then open the air vents above instead.  We then patiently wait out the storm.  Once it's done, we climb out of the tent and begin inspecting the inside of the barn, which is completely empty, aside from us and the tent.  Despite its old and worn down condition, the barn weathered the storm without any damage beyond what time had already done to it.  As we're doing this, I happen to think about the trip ahead.  (we were apparently already going somewhere when this happened.)  So I pull out my wallet to see how much money I still have left to sustain us.  (apparently I was paying for the entire trip for everyone as best I understand)

After a quick count I find that I have $2000 in there.  I then put my wallet away and start looking around the building again.  As I do, I notice two small pouches near the bottom left corner (door side looking out) of the tent and am surprised to see them.  So I go fishing into the upper pocket, but find it empty.  However, in the lower one I find a wallet, and a fat one at that, with $6000 in it, giving me $8000 total operating cash.  I was shocked.  Realizing this second wallet might be a bad temptation for the others (they thankfully never see me holding it) I quickly hide it.  I wasn't being greedy, and trying to keep it all for myself, but instead I wanted to avoid causing any unwanted issues with the others due to the revelation of this newly discovered cash.  The dream ends there.

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