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Dream: The Room and the Shadow
Friday, December 10th, 2021 11:40am
Keywords: Dream, Demons, Oppression, Victory, Relief, Healing

This is an older dream, but one I wanted to post for context with another dream I had recently as I believe they're related.  So, since I haven't posted this before, here's the dream:

The dream begins with me in my living room playing on my computer.  As I was doing this, the devil shows up, and fills the room with this horrible, dark, rancid, thick cloud like it was made of darkness itself.  Yet, despite him being there, I wasn't afraid of him.  If anything, I was mildly annoyed.  Eventually, after he'd messed with me for a while, I got tired of him and his mischief.  So I turned around, and rebuked him and told him to leave, and did so several times, but he wouldn't leave or even listen to me.  Just then I felt God open my mouth and speak to him (the devil), through me, in this deep, powerful, authoritative voice that rebuked the devil like a cannon.

I almost squashed Him when it happened as I wasn't expecting it, but when I realized who it was, I let Him run, and man, when I did, God put the smack down on the devil bigtime!!  The darkness then lingered in the room for a few moments, almost like he (the devil) was throwing a tantrum, and then left.  As soon as he left, the room went from kinda this shadowy midnight to a bright, beautiful, fragrant, mid day sun lit wonder. It was cool!


This dream is about a case of demonic oppression in my life, and God's eventual victory over it.  I'm still waiting on that latter part, so please pray for me.

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